The Most Effective USB Car Charger

Martin Wilson

Aug 01, 2022

You can charge your phone and other gadgets more quickly using a USB vehicle charger for a few dollars than you can with the connector that came with your car. The PD 45W Type-C Vehicle Charger is the best car charger, according to our tests of more than 60 models. USB-C and USB-A ports allow you to fast-charge smartphones, tablets, and laptops while concurrently charging a second phone. Finding a better deal on a charger with the same amount of juice is impossible.

Nekteck PD 45W Type-C

Most recent smartphones can be charged quicker with the USB-C connector than the standard USB-A port and can also power tablet computers and laptops. On the other hand, the Nekteck PD Car Charger gives you the best of both worlds in one convenient charging solution. It takes only 30 minutes to charge your phone from zero to 54 percent as you sit in traffic or run errands around town when you use an Apple USB-C–to–Lightning connection. This is three times quicker than the USB-A wall charger. The 45-watt output and USB-C–to–C connection included in this Nekteck charger allow it to charge at maximum speed on Android phones, iPad Pro 2018, and 2020 models, and even many laptops.

Scosche PowerVolt PD40 (CPDCC40)

To quickly and efficiently charge two contemporary gadgets at once, the PowerVault PD40 from Scosche is the charger you should purchase. It is possible to charge two modern smartphones simultaneously using the PowerVault PD40's two USB-C ports, each of which supports 20-watt charging. This means that an iPhone's battery can be charged to about 54% of its capacity in half an hour, compared to about 45% when using a standard 12-watt USB-A charger. MagSafe wireless chargers may also be used at full speed. When we tested the PowerVolt PD40, it was kept securely in place in our car charging port, making it one of the cheapest dual-USB-C chargers available from a brand we can trust.

  1. ZMI PowerCruise C2 36W Dual USB Car Charger

While a quicker USB-C charger is well worth the extra money, ZMI's PowerCruise C2 is a decent, low-cost option. If you're looking for a two-port USB-A charger with 24 watts of power, the PowerCruise C2 is a good option. However, unlike other models in this price category, the C2 supports Quick Charge 3.0 on both ports, which provides slightly quicker charging speeds for devices that support that standard.

Green 30W USB C PD Car Charger

While you can charge a USB-C phone from any old USB port with the correct cord, owning a dedicated USB-C vehicle charger like this UGreen 30W one has distinct advantages. The USB C port's maximum output of 30W is more than that of most other car chargers, allowing you to fully recharge devices like smartphones, tablets, and even certain laptops. For older devices, a USB-A connector can deliver up to 30W.

A total of 24W may be derived from each port if you have two devices plugged in simultaneously. Even if your gadget isn't a laptop, you should be able to charge it at full speed with that amount of power. Over a few weeks, I put this auto charger through its paces and verified its output with an electrical tester. Using the USB C connector, I could charge my laptop at a maximum of 30W and my phone at a maximum of 20W, with the "charging fast" indication.

Aiken 6 Port Car Adapter

Car chargers with one or two USB ports are readily available. It's not difficult to locate those with three or four ports, with a little extra digging. It's impossible to keep all of your devices charged if you're traveling with many of them. When you need 96W of power and six USB ports, this Aikenuo charger has you covered. If your devices are QC 3.0-compliant, you may charge them all at a rate of up to 19.5W per socket. The other two outlets provide 12 watts of power, enough to recharge most smartphones swiftly.

Joyroom 5-in-1 USB C Car Charger

USB ports at the rear of new cars are becoming more common, but they're still a rarity. Consider the Joyroom 5-in-1 yours doesn't have them, or if you want to ensure your rental car's backseat drivers stay peaceful. The driver and passenger both have their own USB-C and USB-A ports, while the back of the car has a tiny box with a single USB-C and USB-A port. The box attaches to the seat pocket with a clip and a five-foot wire for added security and convenience. This charger has a total output of 72 watts: 45 in front and 27 in the back.

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