Use An Old iPad In 10 Creative Ways

Bethany Walsh

Jul 27, 2022

Your old iPad isn't selling now that you've upgraded it. Even though you don't want to get rid of it, it doesn't seem practical anymore. What could you possibly do with an extra iPad? Is there anything you can do with an old iPad? Check out these ten ideas for recycling your old iPad.

Make An iPad Dashcam

The high-resolution camera on your previous iPad was one of its most excellent features. You can watch the traffic by attaching your iPad to your dashboard. More and more people are using dashboard cams to guard against fraud in traffic accidents. A dash camera app or a lot of video storage is all you need. Then you can use your old iPad to secure your vehicle.

Convert it Into a CCTV Camera

There is no reason you cannot use it as a camera in your house. The key to installing your iPad outside is ensuring it has access to electricity and is kept safe from the weather. To continually watch your Wi-Fi network, you may run a video monitoring app outdoors and mount it covertly. You may pay a monthly fee for cloud storage, or you can buy more storage to keep your surveillance footage at home.

Create a Digital Photo Frame

You may do this as a personal project or as a meaningful holiday present for anybody on your gift list who enjoys crafts. Install your chosen picture slideshow app after purchasing or making a mount for the device. To get started, plug in your phone or tablet, connect it to Wi-Fi and establish an online picture storage account. All of your images will be automatically synchronized using this. Buying a new photo frame is unnecessary if you have an old iPad.

Extend the Display on Your Mac or PC

Did you know you can connect your tablet to your computer and use it as a monitor? Tablets are beautiful displays for video conferencing and chat rooms, even if you don't use them for work. For online gaming, they're instrumental as specialized clan chat devices. A lightning connection is all you need to expand the display of your Mac or Windows 10 PC to your tablet.

Run a Media Server

Your old iPad may be a dedicated server for all your favorite movies and music files if you give it adequate storage space. Use a specialized media program like Plex to save your files on your iPad rather than paying for online storage services. You can stream to all your Wi-Fi-enabled devices without having to transfer your content to each one at a time.

Play with Your Pets

Thanks to the pet industry's insatiable need for new technology, there is a slew of applications available for your dog and cat to keep them entertained when you aren't home. Install the iPad in a place where your pet may play unattended with their preferred companion app. Get a video chat app on your phone and check in with them whenever you're away from home!

Install iPad in Kitchen

Although no one anticipated it, tablets have found a place in the Kitchen that makes perfect sense in the household. A small, discreet instruction display in the Kitchen makes even the most complex meals easier to prepare for novice cooks. Even in the last few decades, kitchen television sets have been a big hit with consumers. In addition to providing entertainment during meals, these devices allow you to follow cookery shows better while they are being broadcast.

Make a Smart Home Controller

Upgrading iPads is one thing, but when it comes to the comfort and convenience of your house, you're falling behind if you haven't invested in innovative home technology. You may use your tablet as a thermostat, light switch, security panel, and control for your home entertainment system. Your home Wi-Fi network may be used to hack into the next generation at a bit of cost.

Make Use of E-Readers and eBooks

Despite Amazon's best efforts to position the Kindle as the ultimate eBook reader, the truth is that any tablet can be used to digitize your entire library. Unlike conventional books, eBooks are significantly cheaper and more convenient to use. Advanced highlighting capabilities are standard in eBook readers, which allow you to comment and even upload your most treasured passages to the cloud.

10. Recycle Your iPad

Recycling is your best option if you're not planning to use your old iPad for anything else. You may get a lot of money back for a new tablet by bringing your old iPad to a recycler like iPad-Recycle. It's an excellent "green" alternative, and you can rest easy knowing that you've saved your old rubbish out of the garbage and put it to good use again.

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