Apple Clips: How to Use the iOS Video-Editing App?

Bethany Walsh

Jul 27, 2022


You may rotate and clip the video using the Photos app on an iPhone or iPad. Additionally, you can shorten it, add filters, change the colour scheme, and do much more. You can change the video's other elements if you download the free iMovie programme. Here are some instructions for editing videos on your iPhone or iPad.

Utilizing Clips

Realizing that you need images and videos to edit is the first step. Right. You can import these into the Camera Roll and combine them, or you can take pictures or videos inside the app. A word of advice: If you want to lock the camera in recording mode and are on the large red "Hold to record" button, tap left while you are there. When you're ready to end the recording, press the button a second time. The square format a la Instagram is the default for clips. Make sure your media is square before uploading it.

By simply pressing and dragging them, you can move photographs or movies around in the chronological view displayed on the right side of the application. Another simple method for trimming video clips is to tap on the clip within the timeline, then hit the scissor icon to cut the video to the minute (or minutes) you want to include.

Clips offer the typical editing capabilities for social media videos, such as filters and emoticons, and the option to trim videos. These features are hidden behind icons at the top of the application. Real-time captions will be displayed in the speech bubble icon (more on this later). The interlocking ring symbol hides eight filters, from my favourite Comic Book to black and white. The star conceals the time, the location of habitation, geometric objects like circles and arrows, and arbitrary text that you may edit after adding it to your image or video. You can obtain titles that will help you convey your story by clicking the "T" icon. These cards' text is adjustable as well. The last option, "a music note," involves adding music to the video using iTunes and an iTunes-provided track.

Although it can take some time to get proficient in the many tools and methods, you've now succeeded in making Clips work for you. Remember that just because you create an image in Clips doesn't imply you can access it anyplace else outside the Camera Roll. It is incredibly low-pressure because you must take extra steps to distribute it to everyone or on any platform.

The Most Liked Feature

Clips have several features that differentiate itself from other video editing software. Live Titles may be the most notable of those. Apple Clip real-time captioning tool, made expressly to make your videos complete and viewable even without audio, is known by this moniker. This makes it easier for people who are hard of hearing or deaf to enjoy videos while scrolling through Facebook's automatically playing News Feed. On debut, Live Titles is accessible in 36 languages, a remarkable achievement for a brand-new programme.

Indeed, the Live Titles feature sometimes struggles to convert speech to text. In my tests, I didn't come across any caption issues. However, if you speak quickly and mumble your phrases, the algorithm that parses your sentences may become confused. To prevent having you change your captions, make sure to talk slowly and clearly. ( I had no idea captions could be edited, but according to Joanna Stern of The Wall Street Journal, you can change the caption by tapping the video, pausing it when the error is visible, and then tapping the text.

However, everything you see on the screen is editable and incredibly helpful. By clicking the emoji on the screen and tapping to activate your Emoji keyboard, you can rapidly change each line of text and even the emojis themselves. It could be a little difficult initially as you're getting used to Clips. But once you get the hang of it, using Clips to make social media videos is simple.

Cut Your Video

Do you possess a video that is too long to send via email or text message? Perhaps you'd like to show a segment of a video to your family or friends. Using the Photos app, you can shorten a video by changing its start and end times.

Rotate Vdeos and Apply Filter

Play the video you captured in the Photos app, then select Edit. Using the Photos app, you may rotate, add an effect, and change how your video looks. Click Cancel to return to the previous state if you are dissatisfied with your changes. Start the Photos app on your Mac, then select Edit to modify the clip's appearance. You can either return to the original appearance or reset the adjustments if you don't like the new one.

Make Slo-Mo Video Unique

Once you've captured your movie in slo-mo mode using your camera, You can change the part of your movie that is shown in slow motion. This implies that you can play the video at its regular pace while highlighting certain details you don't want people to miss. You can press Edit on the video you wish to change on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. You can select Edit on a Mac. The instances when slomo runs can then be identified using horizontal white lines on the video's timeline.


You might also use third-party applications for the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to further edit your films. The built-in capabilities in Photos can be used with third-party photo editing extensions that you can install on your Mac.

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