Altec Lansing True Evo Detailed Review

Martin Wilson

Jul 27, 2022


Do you go to the gym or unwind? For any activity, True Evo Air earphones offer comfort and outstanding sound. They pair up and turn on with a straightforward setup. An established name in the consumer electronics sector is Altec Lansing. Despite the company's expertise in audio, this new endeavor into genuine wireless earphones will be a first for the corporation. For a first attempt, the Altec Lansing True EVO Wireless Earbuds are promising, especially given their affordable price. But can they provide sufficient value to outperform the few alternative options in this price range? Let's look at it.


The True Evo is one of the most popular true wireless pairs we've tested recently. One of our more well-liked versions features a straightforward black plastic and rubber design. Simple earpieces with subdued Altec Lansing branding are used. The matte black case features a rounded shape with a lid and top that appear to be made of metal. Pressing a button right below it causes the lid to open.


They are perfect for music enthusiasts because they have a fantastic sound profile and can play powerful bass. The isolation of frequencies by these in-ears is poor. They take a while to charge and have short battery life fully. When using them to watch movies, videos, or play games, there is also the potential for latency.

Battery Life

The average battery life for this device is four hours, which is about average. This category also includes the Qi-compatible charging case. It has a 16-hour charging capacity. It may be connected to a Qi wireless charging station or charged using the provided cord. But you'll have to supply your own.


The Altec Lansing The durable case that protects True Evo wireless headphones against dents, water damage, and minor collisions is included with the product. The addition of Qi wireless charging is also a fantastic feature. You might have to fiddle with the buds until the LED lights up, indicating that they are charging, as they won't fit neatly in the case. The left earbud is kept on top of the right one, and the opposite is true. Even though the overall design feels flimsy, the locking mechanism secures the buds. You can observe the LED status because the case's cover is transparent. A charging wire and accessories are included with the case.

Sound Performance

These earphones offer good audio performance in addition to being reasonably priced. The foam tips absorb sound while providing a lot of power. Rich, solid tones supplement their bass-heavy audio tones. The bass is more of an accompanist for the highs and mids and doesn't overpower them. We enjoy the balanced production that this produces!


All operating systems are compatible with True Evo. The controls are simple to operate. Each earbud has a button that you may use to choose between songs, answer or end conversations, activate the voice assistant, turn on/off, pair your device, and turn the device on/off. They lack distinct controllers that let you switch between tunes. To decline a call, hold the button down for three seconds. The headphones will stop working after an additional five seconds.


The Altec Lansing, True Evo headphones make running and exercise much more enjoyable. With so many fin and tip variations, finding the correct fit could take some time. But once you do, they fit in your ears extremely easily. They may appear unstable because of the large bud design. Since they are wireless, you won't need to be concerned if a cable gets tangled or is pulled out.


In a market continuously seeing new entrants, the Altec Lansing True EVO Wireless Earbuds are a new product. They stand out from the competition since they are affordable and perform well. They don't immediately compete with high-end devices from brands like Jaybird, Apple, Bose, and Samsung. Therefore, it is reasonable to anticipate the lack of further features. This bundle is reasonably priced!

The wireless headphones from Altec Lansing are less expensive than the leading brands in the industry. They also offer good connectivity and great audio quality, two characteristics that a pair of wireless earbuds must have. Both workout enthusiasts and casual music listeners will enjoy them. Due to their secure fit, water resistance, noise isolation, and waterproof design, we suggest them.

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