A Guide: How to Download YouTube Videos Using Safari or Firefox?

Martin Wilson

Jul 27, 2022


If you've spent more than two hours perusing the internet, you're aware of how many videos there are on sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and news and entertainment websites. There are so many that trying to stream everything you want to watch on your computer is difficult. Since video may be captured, it's common to attempt to do so to watch the video later on multiple devices or even when an Internet connection isn't available.

Sc capturing Web videos may involve one or more steps depending on how the source video is encoded and encrypted. Many websites offer videos that have been encoded in Flash format. Even though they can be played through a website or a third-party app, you must convert them into an appropriate format for iOS devices. In either case, it is possible to capture almost any online video using the Safari or Firefox browsers. Let's examine the approaches about how to download YouTube videos using Safari or Firefox.


Users of Firefox now have different options thanks to the free DownloadHelper plugin. Users of Firefox may easily download videos. Without additional software, Firefox enables you to download YouTube videos. Go to the "Extension" tab in Mozilla Firefox to download YouTube videos. By adding the extension to your browser, you can play the YouTube video you want to download.

To download the Video DownloadHelper add-on, go to the download page. After installation, you'll see a lovely new button next to the video every time you visit YouTube. You can choose from various alternatives by selecting the dropdown menu, including download quickly, download after conversion, and tweet. You are not restricted to YouTube by the add-on. The navigation button on your toolbar will become animated if you land on a website with videos you can download.


You'll notice that there isn't a straightforward alternative to downloading YouTube videos you stream online when using Safari to browse the web. However, you may do it by installing a Safari YouTube downloader plugin. You don't have to go through a laborious process to make your favourite YouTube videos available offline. Install the Safari extension for YouTube downloader to operate swiftly and successfully!

Users can use the Safari downloader to easily and quickly download the most popular videos to their computer's hard drive. When the video on the YouTube website is buffering, enter the Window menu and choose Activity. Then, as you go down, look for one significantly larger than the others (likely 10MB+, whereas others are labelled in KBs). When you click on the entry, the programme will start downloading it and save the file as an FLV with the default name.

Third Party Tools

Not all websites, meanwhile, offer videos in MPEG-4 formats. If you want to watch the downloaded FLV files on an iOS device or play them in a programme that isn't compatible with Flash, you must convert the file. There are various methods for doing this. Users can download the most efficient free video downloader software for PC or Mac, enabling users to download different videos on YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, and other sites. There are many popular browsers and plugin programmes available. With these applications, users can store entire YouTube channels and playlists in HD quality and resolution.

YTD Video Downloader in Safari

Another excellent Safari YouTube downloader extension that offers many useful features is YTD. The ability to download entire playlists from YouTube and other well-known websites. HD video download, video conversion to MP3, and easy to use and explore. You can obtain more features with their Pro edition for a much lower monthly fee. You can use features like multiple simultaneous downloads, ad-free browsing, a robust activity tracking system, and many more.

Flash Video Downloader in Firefox

This Flash Video Downloader programme is gratis to download among the best videotape installers for Mozilla Firefox. Anyone can use it because it's simple to use. You can use this tool to download almost any video clip with only one click. This Flash video downloader can handle many different file types, including high-definition HD and 4K videotapes from streaming sites like YouTube and Vimeo.


In the past, you could use Safari browser extensions to save a YouTube video to your Mac instantly. However, since the bulk of the Safari and Firefox YouTube downloaders were no longer functioning, a replacement solution had to be offered. You may download your preferred apps with only a simple browser extension addition. It is always the best choice, thanks to its user interface and many features!

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