Best Inexpensive Apple Watch Straps: Aftermarket Straps That Cost a Fraction of Apple’s Choices

Bethany Walsh

Jul 27, 2022

Apple swiftly (but silently) distanced the Apple Watch from its initial relationship with high-end fashion. Yet, the lingering scent of this association is still there when browsing the available bands on Apple's online store. They begin at $49, but a high-quality leather strap created by Hermès may cost nearly as much as the actual gadget itself. You don't have to pay that much. There is an excellent selection of high-quality Apple Watch bands available on a variety of different websites. There are many, and the vast majority is cheaper while being just as lovely as the ones that Apple sells. Here are some of the best cheap Apple Watch bands: Aftermarket straps that cost a fraction of Apple’s options.

Marge Plus Original Leather Strap

You might think that a $13 leather Apple Watch band would have many problems, but this band from Marge Plus has a lot to offer. Real leather was used to make it, and it looks and feels like real leather. It also has an extended warranty of 18 months. It's so light, comfortable, sweat-resistant, and long-lasting that you might forget you're wearing it. If that doesn't impress you enough, it also comes in 13 different colors.

Ruoqini Stainless Steel Loop Strap

The Milanese Loop is an elegant and rugged style of the watch band. It looks like a long chain mail with a hole in the middle. To keep the extra length in place, you use a magnet. This is one of the most accurate ways to make a watch band fit. You might think an Apple product was made of mithril if you bought one. On the other hand, Ruoqini's is made of steel and costs only $11.99. A word of caution, though: the photos of Ruoqini's products make it look like the band has a clasp, but the product description and the model we got show that's not the case.

YC Yanch Silicone Athletics Strap

On Apple's website, each of the Nike Sport Bands costs $49. These silicone rings from YC Yanch appear remarkably the same, yet they cost roughly 84 percent less. They come in 19 color combinations, much more than Apple's five. You can even buy a set of eight for $36 if you want to. They are comfortable, last a long time, and let air in. In short, they have everything a good sports band should have.

Intenty Woven Polyester Athletics Strap

Apple makes its Sport Loops, two-colored nylon bands with a nice weave. But if you don't want to spend $49, you might want to look at these similar bands from Intenty. They are strong, have Velcro straps, and come in 32 different colors, so there's not much more to say about them. We appreciate that the strap is held in place by a clasp and that the velcro seems durable. These bands are casual and simple, but they look nice enough for Apple to sell them.

JETech Stainless Steel Strap

The JETech band looks like it should cost about $10, but it usually costs between $16 and $20 on Amazon. Like most metal bands, you may need to use the tool with it to make some changes before it fits right. The process is pretty easy, though, as long as you don't rush. The only ones with silver bands instead of black ones are the 38mm and 40mm ones.

Epic Active Rubber Strap

Epic's $18 Sport Silicone Band wasn't very durable, but the thicker Active Silicone Band, which costs a few dollars more, is much more durable and still feels soft on the wrist. It comes in a lot of different bright and quiet two-color combinations.

Heydey Rubber Band

The easiest and least expensive choice is the water-resistant silicone band from Heyday for the Apple Watch. Most of Heydey's 14 bands have a standard metal clasp, but the pink, lavender, lilac, blue, and bright green ones should have gold clasps. That's pretty much it, but you might not need to know anything else.

Final Words

The best way to make your new Apple Watch your own is to get a new strap or band. There are many high-quality and affordable options for both men and women, whether you want leather, stainless steel, Milanese loop bands, or something sweat-proof for the gym. Even though the official Apple options are pricey, there are thousands of third-party options for every budget and wrist size.

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