Fitbit Charge 2 Review: A Worthy Improvement Promotes The Fitness-Tracking Essentials

Martin Wilson

Jul 27, 2022

We can do almost everything better with technology and gadgets, and getting fit is no exception. Whether you've been working out for years or are just starting, a fitness tracker is one of the best gadgets you can buy. These devices that you wear on your wrist can track your vital signs, like your heart rate, as well as fitness-related information, like how many calories you burn, how you sleep, how many steps you take, and more. The Fitbit Charge 2 is a good upgrade from the popular Charge HR. It will be good for casual fitness fans and people who are really into fitness, though runners might like a tracker with built-in GPS. Users will love the new fitness features, the bigger screen, and the fact that they can change the wristbands. So let us take a look at Fitbit Charge 2 review: A worthy improvement promotes the fitness-tracking essential.


  • Touch controls are built into a large OLED screen
  • Bands that can be used as accessories and can be changed out
  • A better and more durable design


  • Large for small-handed people
  • Weird notifications that scroll sideways on a screen that is set up vertically

All Of The New Features

If you already have a Charge HR, you know why it's the most popular fitness band: it keeps track of your heart rate all the time, automatically tracks your sleep and exercise, has silent alarms, a good dashboard in the Fitbit application, and social challenges that get you to work out. The 5 days of battery life is also not bad. The Charge 2 has all of this and more. The biggest difference is that its OLED touchscreen display is four times as big as the Charge HR's tiny screen.

You can now tap the screen to see your calories burned, daily mileage, and step count. Like the Charge HR, the second-generation Charge is waterproof, but you can't take a shower or swim with it on. If you turn on GPS on your phone, the Fitbit app can accurately track and map your runs and bike rides. This won't work, though, if you don't take your phone with you when you work out.

A More Dynamic Look

We don't like how big the Fitbit Charge 2 is, but if you're used to the Charge HR, you won't notice a difference. Like the Charge, the Charge 2's band arrives in black, purple, blue, and teal. But the new Fitbit tracker is more flexible because you can switch out the bands. Like with the Alta, the Charge 2's band can be taken off and replaced with a more stylish leather band. This makes it easier to bring this tracker from the gym to the office and back again.

You can switch the Charge 2's plastic band for a more stylish leather one. Fitbit's version of the Apple Watch, the Blaze, is not as good as the Charge 2. It's a good thing that the Charge 2 doesn't look like a watch and doesn't have the Blaze's colorful screen. Call, calendar alerts, and text are still shown on the big new screen.

Elevating the Fundamentals

Fitbit has stayed on top of the wearables market despite competition from Misfit, which is now owned by Fossil, the stagnant Jawbone, which is in a legal battle with Fitbit right now, and Apple, whose Apple Watch is advertised as the best fitness as well as health device. Apple added GPS to the new Apple Watch Series 2 and made it waterproof. But it's more than $200 more expensive than the Charge 2.

Fitbit made a mistake with the Blaze, and it wasn't just that the charging cradle wasn't very good. Apple is too strong for the company to try to compete with. Fitbit Charge 2 demonstrates that the firm is responding to what its consumer’s need: advanced and precise fitness monitoring features at an affordable price. Even better, the device isn't ugly. It's just a bit too big for our taste.

Strap, Looks, Display

The Fitbit Charge 2 has a big, touch-sensitive OLED display that shows more fitness data right on your wrist. You can see the time, the date, and two numbers. Tap the screen to move to the next set of information. You can change what you see and choose from different clock styles by using the app.

It's black and white and doesn't look as nice as the Apple Watch or Fitbit's Blaze, or Ionic trackers, but this makes the battery last longer. This display was first seen on the Fitbit Alta, which had a changeable watch face. You can use the Charge 2 as your main watch, or you can wear it along with your favorite regular watch if you want.

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