How To Modify/Change Your Login Screen In MacOS (And Change It Back)

Martin Wilson

Jul 27, 2022

Changing the picture in the background of your Mac's login screen won't change how well the device works. It's just a change to how your Mac looks when you log in. It won't change anything else. Some people would say that you have no reason to spend even a second of your time making such a useless change to your computer and that doing so would be a waste of time. We disagree with this assessment, and we think there are a lot of good reasons to change the background screen. Let's start by looking at how to modify/change your login screen in macOS (and change it back).

How To Get Your Mac's Login Picture Prepared

Before you can change the background when you log in to your Mac, you have to make sure that the picture is in the proper format and size. You can do that with most photo editing software, but the macOS Preview app works fine. Here's how to set up your login screen preview:

  1. Tap the app icon in the top left corner of your screen and choose About This Mac.
  2. Click on the Showcase tab and note your Mac's screen resolution.
  3. Open the photo you want to change the size of in the Preview program.
  4. Tap Tools in the top column and then tap Adjust Size.
  5. Change the resolution of the new picture so it fits the screen size on your Mac, and then click OK.
  6. Select Save from the File menu in the top bar.
  7. If your picture isn't in PNG format, you'll have to make a new one. Select File >'' Export.
  8. Select PNG as the format and tap Save.
  9. Change the name of your image to lockscreen.png.

How To Change The Picture On Your Mac's Login Display

Once you've made your new login background picture, you must put it in the correct file on your Mac. You'll see it the next time you log in. Follow these steps to change the image that shows up in the background when you log in to your Mac.

  1. Choose Go >'' Go to Folder from the Finder menu bar.
  2. Copy and paste /Library/Caches/Desktop Images into the address bar, then press Enter.
  3. You'll find one or more folders in the Desktop Images folder. The user's UUID is used to call these. You can find a file called "lockscreen.png" in your folder.
  4. Please change it to your picture, which you can also call lockscreen.png. If you are asked, enter your username and password.
  5. Restart your Mac so that your login wallpaper will show up.

How To Change Your Lock Screen Picture

Your login screen is different from your lock screen. When your Mac wakes up from its nap, you'll be able to see it. Your lock screen won't change until you change the background of your login screen. Change the background on your Mac's desktop to change the lock screen. Here's how to set your Mac's lock screen:

  1. Open the system settings.
  2. Pick Desktop & Screen Saver.
  3. Choose one of the pictures that are there.
  4. Press the plus sign to find a picture anywhere on your Mac and choose it.

Why Would You Want To Change Your Log-In Screen's Background?

Several things come to mind when you think about why you might want to change the background of your login screen.

Setting up a pleasant place to work

If you use your computer a lot, you'll see that background. Still, apps and other programs often take up most of your screen, so you might not see the background for long periods. But in the end, you will. Why not use a picture you like or that has some meaning for you? It might make using your Mac even easier than it is now.

Creating a consistent image for a business

You might want all of your employees to make the same impression on your customers. One way to do this is to put a standard background or company logo on the MacBooks they get from work. It eliminates the chance that an employee will use an inappropriate background and gives the computers of your support team a unique look when they start up.

Displaying data

People who don't know how to use public computers, like those in a library, can see instructions in the background of the login screen. This can help people who have never used the machine before and reduce the number of requests for help.

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