Logitech G810/G610 Review: A New Twist on an Understated and Common Design

Bethany Walsh

Jul 27, 2022

When you think of a gaming keyboard, the first thing that likely springs to mind has a strange design, a lot of additional buttons, and flashing lights. This may be true of many available keyboards, but Logitech adopted a different approach when designing the G610 and G810 models. Logitech claims that the G810 is more concerned with performance than appearances, and the product's appearance supports this claim. These look simple, and they don't have the many macro keys, the wrist rest, or the unique designs of the old days. It's different from other latest gaming products from Logitech, which were brighter and much more extravagant and used Logitech's physical switches. Here we will do a complete Logitech g610/g810 review: a new twist on an understated and standard design.


  • Great RGB lighting and the software is easy to use
  • Held back, unassuming style
  • Very sturdy media keys that you can feel


  • Even now, Romer-G switches are "just fine."
  • Scroll Lock, Num Lock, and Caps Lock are in strange places


There are many different keyboards in the G810 and G610 lines. Some have Logitech's Romer-G switches, while others have Cherry switches. Some have RGB lighting, while others only have one color. But on the outside, no matter what's inside, they all look the same, which is to say, normal. There are no bright blue highlights, jagged palm rests, or macro keys. Both the G810 and G610 are wedge-shaped pieces of black plastic that are shiny on the sides and matte on top. In the top right corner, there is a volume roller and a few media keys. It's the most understated design for a gaming keyboard we've seen from Logitech in years and probably the first since the company switched to Romer-G switches.

The Lighting Levy

When it comes to lights, Logitech has them. But as we've already said, the light you get depends on many different things. Logitech says that the Orion Spectrum G810, which costs $160, is the best. It has Romer-G keys and RGB lighting. All those beautiful rainbows? Only on the Orion Spectrum is that possible. But, just so we don't forget, there's also the G610, which is either the Orion Brown or the Orion Red. They might not be the most beautiful names, but they tell you what's inside. The G610 comes with either Cherry MX Red or Cherry MX Brown switches. The only thing you can't have is the G610 having RGB lighting. If you choose Cherry switches, all the backlighting will be a single white color.

It's a shame because Cherry now makes RGB-enabled switches, which can be found on the K70 and K90 from Corsair. But Logitech didn't offer Cherry's RGB switches here because it wanted to keep the RGB lighting on the Romer-G to itself. Are you a fan of Romer-G switches? You can have the stylish keyboard, the great RGB lighting from Logitech, and the Romer-Gs. The media, lighting, and game mode buttons are the only buttons on the G810 that stand out. They are also the worst part of the keyboard, which is a shame. They don't move very far and sound and feel "clicky."

The Keyboard Itself

If you've never used a mechanical keyboard before, you'll notice the difference in the keys. Most standard keyboards have a single rubber membrane with indentations that the keys press down on when they are pressed. This makes the keystroke happen. But mechanical keyboards don't do this. Instead, they use switches that are built individually for each key. This makes the keys "chunkier" and more durable, and the time between pressing a key and doing something is much shorter than on a standard keyboard. This gives them an advantage in games because there isn't much time between when you press a key and when the action happens.

What We Do Not Like

The fact that the Scroll Lock, Num Lock, and Caps Lock indicators are all placed in such a prominent location is the single aspect of the G810's design that we find unappealing. On the G810, the volume wheel is in the usual top-right corner, so the index lights are nearly in the middle. They are also significant. It's not the most irritating design problem we've observed on a keyboard. However, if you're like us and always leave Num Lock on, a little light could get on your nerves at a certain point.

Bottom line

Well, we're not fans of Romer-G switches, so we prefer the G610 had RGB illumination and Cherry switches. Nothing is just right here. Still, the G610 and G810 are very lovely keyboards because of how they are made. It's perhaps our preferred of Logitech's latest products, and it's the one we'd feel happy carrying into a workplace. Romer-G addicts who want a keyboard for work don't need to look any further. We hope that the G810 and G610 show that Logitech has a new design philosophy. Something more elegant, reserved, classic, and in line with what people have liked about Logitech and its accessories for decades.

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