How To Stream From Two Computers To Twitch Or YouTube

Martin Wilson

Aug 02, 2022

Streaming via Twitch or YouTube has been the norm for nearly everyone. There is no need to buy a brand-new, super-powered PC to get started. In this case, you may divide the task between two computers, one for gaming and the other for streaming the video.

For those on a tight budget, this means they may enlist the help of more modest PCs, extending the useful life of an older system until it is time to replace it. You may fine-tune each machine for gaming vs. content creation on the high end.

What You'll Need To Stream With Two Computers

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The perfect streaming solution can't be set up in one manner. Therefore we'll look at several different hardware setups. When setting up a video streaming service, the procedure may appear slightly different depending on your unique demands and gear.


Either way, ensure you have a mouse, keyboard, and display for both the repurposed and new machines. In general, you should conceive your gaming computer as a separate piece of hardware from your streaming device. You'll need at least the minimum CPU and GPU capabilities on your primary gaming PC to play the games you desire. Keep in mind that most of the work in encoding video for your stream is done by your CPU when choosing a streaming PC.


The next step after putting together your gear, including your gaming PC and streaming PC, is to acquire the software you need to run it all. Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)* is simple to use for first-time streamers, and it has all the features you need for a two-computer setup. Streamlabs OBS* (SLOBS) is preinstalled on Intel's ready-to-go mini-rigs, providing a user-friendly interface and video effects like pop-up notifications.

It's free to download and use SLOBS* on your preferred PC, and they both enable dual-streaming with capture cards. It is a popular choice because professional streamers use Xsplit* because of features like scene previews and easier uploads.


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It's time to start stocking up on computer accessories after you've set up your two computers. Accessorizing your two-PC stream configuration is entirely up to you. It might be as easy as playing a game with a speech overlay or as sophisticated as utilizing a mixer to link your microphone to both PCs and a green screen set up to record your voice. From there, you may make changes to meet your specific requirements.

Capture Card

Streaming video from a gaming system may be done using capture cards, which provide the input and output ports you need. External capture cards like the Elgato HD60 S can be linked to an internal capture card by USB and HDMI. If you have the room within your computer, internal capture cards can help you conserve external ports, although external capture cards are convenient because they are portable and quick to set up.

External capture devices may also be used to record and transmit video game footage from consoles. NewTek's NDI* may be used to connect two computers through Ethernet. However, the setup for NDI* can be time-consuming.


Plug your headphones straight into the gaming PC if you want in-game audio. A few extra steps are required if you want to hear audio from your broadcast. Plug the headphones into the stream machine when the capture card is ready to use. Then, in a streaming application like OBS*, choose the USB audio from the capture card linked to the gaming PC. When you can hear your game, you know it's working.


You'll need a stand-up mic like the Blue Yeti* hooked into your stream machine if you don't have a headset with a built-in microphone. Attachment microphones like the AntLion* ModMic can be used if you don't have the space for a stand-alone microphone.

It is recommended that you use a separate mixer with at least two channels: one for the gaming PC and one for streaming so that both machines have access to the microphone simultaneously. Headsets with built-in microphones can use the same setup as external microphones.


Adding a camera to your live broadcast may enhance the experience for your viewers. When streaming, ensure the audio is muted in your streaming suite so that it doesn't pick up any sound that should be coming from your microphone. A green screen or an arrangement of your favorite things might serve as a backdrop after you've got your camera operating.

If you utilize a green screen, you'll be able to broadcast footage of your stream behind you, which adds a level of complication to the setup. Starting with a simple background is OK since you can easily add more intricacy later.

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