Windows Users Must Have 10 iPhone Applications

Bethany Walsh

Aug 02, 2022

When two of the most popular operating systems in the world — Windows and Apple — coexist in your home, you may not be aware of the productivity advantages that may be gained by combining the two. Office Mobile for the iPhone and Office for the iPad were major stages in a plan that Microsoft has been crafting for some time.


OneNote is Microsoft Office's best-kept secret. Since Windows 8's Modern UI revamp, it's been available on various mobile devices, including iOS and Android. After all, it's impossible to keep track of everything in your life if you don't have an app for it. The OneNote app has to be linked to your Microsoft account to access and sync files on your OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, or SharePoint account.

Office Mobile for iPhone

Hoe iOS-applicaties op een pc uit te voeren Windows - Stealth Settings

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are all included in Office Mobile for iPhone. When Office Mobile for iPhone was initially released, it required an Office 365 membership to use the app. Since then, Microsoft has lifted the limitation and made the software free. Office Mobile for iPhone does have certain limitations, though. A large Excel spreadsheet with sparklines and pivot tables will not be in your future. You may, however, alter already-created documents and add new ones.

OWA for iPhone

Adding an Exchange or Office 365 account to iOS's default Mail app is simple. Even so, OWA for iPhone offers an Outlook-like user experience and contains several extras that aren't available in Mail. You may access Outlook email, contacts, and the calendar with OWA for iPhone. It's possible to sync your iPhone contacts with it, but it's not required.


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In contrast to FaceTime, which can only be used with other iOS or Mac OS X devices, Skype may be accessed from a broad range of other operating systems. Free Skype-to-Skype video calls and instant messaging with your contacts over cellular or Wi-Fi networks are also possible with the Skype app.


Like Facebook, but with a commercial emphasis and less frivolous diversions, Yammer is an enterprise-centric social network that allows employees to connect and exchange information with one other. Using the Yammer iPhone app, you can keep in touch with your coworkers anywhere. On Yammer, you can catch up on the latest news from the Groups you follow, participate in chat threads with coworkers, and communicate with your team, all from your iPhone or iPod touch.

6. OneDrive

It is Microsoft's cloud storage service, OneDrive. Microsoft Office and Windows are strongly linked with this programme (including Office Mobile for iPhone). All of your cloud-based files are accessible through the OneDrive app for iPhone. From the app, you can reorganise your files in OneDrive by moving, deleting, renaming, and creating new folders. Open a Word document from OneDrive in Office Mobile for iPhone or another app of your choice. Automatic OneDrive uploads of photographs and videos taken on your iPhone are one of the most useful capabilities.

7. OneDrive for Business

Like the OneDrive app, OneDrive for Commercial (previously SkyDrive Pro) has a business focus but is similar in functionality to the OneDrive app. SharePoint Online or a qualified Office365 account must be linked to OneDrive for Business to use it. OneDrive for Business doesn't have the option to automatically back up your photographs and videos because it's a business-focused service.

8. Lync 2013

With the Lync 2013 iPhone app, you can take your video conferencing, video calling, and messaging on the go. To present or cooperate, you may create or join a Lync Meeting, use instant messaging or video, or all three. Anyone with a Lync 2013 account may use all of the app's features and capabilities.

9. SharePoint Newsfeed

Keep up with your favourite sites from your iPhone with the Newsfeed feature in SharePoint. Posts and comments from coworkers may be viewed, images can be uploaded, and files saved on the SharePoint site can be accessed. It is only compatible with SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online sites that you may use the SharePoint Newsfeed app. There are no plans to support older versions of SharePoint. Like on Facebook or Twitter, you may @mention coworkers to draw their attention to or include them in conversations.

10. Remote Desktop

You're not restricted to using only the Microsoft-developed native iOS apps. With the Remote Desktop app, you may access a Windows PC from your iPhone as if you were signed in locally and utilise all of the PC's apps and features. To run an application that doesn't have an iOS counterpart or to allow IT staff to administer and maintain servers from an iPhone remotely, Remote Desktop is useful. Distant Desktop is a useful feature, but the iPhone's display is tiny, making it difficult to manage programmes on the remote computer's screen.

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