A Detailed Vava VD009 Dash Camera Review

Martin Wilson

Jul 28, 2022

In March 2020, the VAVA VD009, VAVA's maiden ridesharing camera, will be released. In contrast to VAVA's prior dash cams, this camera has a cylindrical form. The day and night, outside and inside footage captured by the Vava VD009 dash cam is among the best details that we have ever seen. In spite of this, we'll get over the lack of a hockey-puck shape because of its characteristics and performance. That's a joke, people; this is an excellent dash cam, despite its high price.

Features and Specifications

There are two cameras on the VD009: one on the front with a field of view of 155 degrees and one on the inside with a field of view of 126 degrees, both utilizing Sony IMX33 sensors (Sony IMX307). Although the suction type of the mount is quite powerful, some of its efficiency comes from the very sticky substance used in the cup. After removing the protective film, take precautions to prevent dirt (hair, fluff, etc.).

It has four infrared lights around the inside camera to improve nighttime images in the cabin. The ability to record passengers' behavior via the use of interior captures has become important for both service providers and passengers. YouTube provides several wonderful instances of this. The camera has four controls on the bottom for interface navigation and a 2-inch LCD facing the driver, which is a very common setup. The low-quality wording didn't impress me. The top of the camera is where the mini-USB power connector and SD card reader are located. The VD009 comes with a dual-port USB converter that may be used to connect additional devices.

One of our favorite Vava inventions, 24-hour parking monitoring without hardwiring, is carried forward with the VD009. A 320mAh battery keeps the camera in sleep mode for two days, rousing it via g-sensor to take 15-second films. The battery is acceptable for overnight parking; however, an OBD-II power cord is still recommended. After the power has been withdrawn, the long battery life provides for extended recording time. The default timer is set at five seconds; however, this may be changed to anything up to five minutes.

One of our favorite Vava inventions is the VD009's 24-hour parking monitoring without the need for hardwiring. A 320mAh battery keeps the camera in sleep mode for two days, rousing it via g-sensor to take 15-second films. However, I still advocate using an OBD-II power cord when parked overnight. After the power has been withdrawn, the long battery life makes it possible to continue recording for extended periods of time. The default is 3 seconds, but you may adjust it up to 6 minutes. The GPS is included in the power cord, eliminating the need for an additional connection in many lower models. Using an Android/iOS app, you may alter settings and take photos and videos from your phone. Wi-Fi is not available when this is in use since the camera and phone must be connected through Wi-Fi.


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Nothing negative can be said about the VD009 video. Even though the video has some moiré and a very small pixel flutter while it's moving, it still has outstanding detail. Despite the fact that it's not ideal for a travelogue, it's quite useful in legal situations. As a result, the use of dashboard cameras is essential. Beyond that, the vibrant color and the motion stability over bumps are solid. A wide-FOV camera isn't expected to have much fisheye, but this one doesn't.

Aesthetics of Video

Even at night, the front camera's video quality is rather excellent. During the day, the inner cabin camera still does an excellent job. The camera activates four infrared lights at night to brighten the cabin. The footage is shot in black and white and captures the finer details of the cottage. There is no discernible difference in image quality between the two cameras despite the fact that both contain a 155-degree wide-angle lens.

What Sets It Apart From The Rest?

The Mobile App Makes It Simple to Get To

Live viewing and social media sharing of photos and videos are made possible with the use of a dedicated app.

Independently Operated Rear Camcorder

Protect your privacy by turning off the back camera while leaving the front camera on.

Easily Rotatable

As long as you know where you're going, you'll be able to shoot film from both inside and outside the vehicle.

High-Temperature Resistant

Designed to survive harsh temperatures, the dash camera is constructed from high-quality ABS materials.

Concluding Words

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In terms of ridesharing cameras, the VAVA VD009 is among the finest models from VAVA. They also have a 2-year guarantee (if you register online) and respectable specs. The system's flaws are the lack of an audible error notice and the reliance on a battery rather than a capacitor. As a result, the camera might not have been suitable for hot surroundings or parking mode, given its maximum working temperature of 50° C. On Amazon, the VA-VD009 looks to be a preferred mid-priced option at $180. A $40 free gift card swap for 5-star ratings is not a good practice. Reviewers may have a skewed perspective on the products they've tried.

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