Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Founders Edition Review: Staggeringly Powerful

Bethany Walsh

Jul 28, 2022


The GeForce RTX 3080 is based on the design of Samsung 8N, which normally has an 8nm production node, and its size is 628mm. This is smaller than the Turing chip, which has a size of around 754mm. You can also get faster memory with this software, and this memory is around 10GB of GDDR6X. This usually provides a high bandwidth of 760 GB as compared to the turing card, which provides you 500GB which is standard on GDDR6. You have to focus on your new graphic card, and the PSU performance is a founders edition with a power rating of 320W. Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Founders Edition review will give you a lot of information about them, and you can easily use it for your computer.

Benchmark and Performance

You should have information about how it is run on the computer. The RTX 3080 would be a great option for your gaming GPU, and it also provides you different frame rates, which can easily make $1,200 RTX, just like the mid-range graphic card. With the lowest value of 1080p resolution, you can get modest performance for the Ti, but it only happens when you want to consider frame rates going up to more than 200 levels.

When you want to share gears into 1440p and 4k resolution, specifically for the damaging game engines, this happens when the RTX 3080 performance has been chopped, which is come to the fore. That is the big performance uplift across the absolute top end not only for the previous generation of Nvidia graphic cards but also it is very important to know which was the more faster consumer of GPU. And it is also not easy for the new ampere generation to consider the RTX 3080. They gave to see the architectural changes in the gaming powers of the new GeForce card.


The Nvidia has been boosted to the new power of 1.9×perf/W, it is more powerful than the Turing, but it will only be available in problematic situations, such as when the previous generation was pushing its hardest. According to the green team, the RTX has mixed out with 55fps with all RTX whistles and bells; generally, the RTX 3080 is more efficient in performing its function. It is not too difficult even when you want to push the card. Most of the time, cards get a 0db fan feature, meaning they do not begin spinning before you mix the sixties in the form of temps. We must have information on how good it deals with overclocking. Its speed is not satisfactory for the current era and does not work according to expectations.


You can easily select your expletive because RTX 3080 founder has made it easy to choose. When you end up with another version of a good-ass GPU, you can face some problems in doing that. And you have different chances to make. It is important to know that the founder's edition cards are not just like the same volume from the third-party version of Palit, Asus, and Colorful for the name. That's all the advanced generation of the cards, but they are relatively good and authentic.

Maybe you would like the extreme power demands and want to stick with competition and beat them with ampere. If you are worried about the power you have used in gaming, you are not paying attention to running it on your PC desktop with a high-end graphics card. The performance will make you think that the previous generation was big and nothing unprecedented. It is true that we are no longer talking about the market compared to the past two years. But there was no competition to make it grow with GTX 1080 Ti.

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There is some competition in the high-end GPU with a wide space. The RTX 30 series has announced the new model, which looks like the green team for some shocks and the upcoming Radeon launch. We are very thankful to AMD for Nvidia because we are waiting for some authentic cards to be released. The result of this software is outstanding, with 4k gaming performance. That is the best software ever, the cards you can use for many purposes for your computer. Your troubleshooting and other problems are easy to solve, but you must have the courage to fight against every problem. So, there is no problem with using Nvidia's cards for your computer. You can get a lot of benefits from this card.

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