EVGA GTX 1060 3GB Review: A Compelling $200 Graphics Card with a Questionable Future

Bethany Walsh

Jul 28, 2022


You can get a slightly different experience with GTX 1060 compared to the RX 480. That is much quicker in gaming and slightly faster for VR, a little quieter, and has a lot of power. But the Nvidia card is not too expensive; you can get it at a reasonable rate of just $250. It would be better for the users to prefer Radeon over the Nvidia card, which is based on 6 GB GeForce and is technically more powerful and superior on paper. The EVGA GTX 1060 3GB review usually tells the users about its superiority and power. You can not easily find the cheaper 4 GB version of Radeon RX 480. The $200 models are normally based on special reference with authentic design and features, which is Virtually non-existent.

Gaming Benchmark

It is imperative to know that the 3 GB model is slower on 6%, specifically at 1080p, and it usually uses low-quality settings. You can expect it when the computer does not exceed the RAM buffer. However, to use the medium quality preset, you have to run it into trouble until its margins reach 20%; it usually drops the medium frame rate from 59 fps to 47 fps. Most things can be worsened with a preset of 3 GB model, and there would be a decrement in 54% margin. This means that you must maintain the quality from the lowest possible value when the tuning quality settings reach 1080p because you can not easily make the 3 GB model work with 1440p. You can see the difference in the quality when you use a low-quality setting in 1440p, so you can not use high or medium. In simple words, the 6GB model is better than the others.

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It was very old when we heard about the 3GB GTX 1060, and it is amazing to see how it tackles the greatest and latest games. We should know that it was not pretty good when we used a high-quality setting, but we also think it will fail less than its work with lower-quality settings. Most games such as Cyberpunk and Evil Village have good write-offs, but we can also see the big drawbacks in this game in the form of doom eternal and horizon zero down. In modern technology, many games do not have a problem with a 3GB buffer, and they also have the most famous titles, such as Rainbow Six Siege. If you want to start your career in the gaming or are a professional gamer, the older and slower graphic cards such as GTX 750 are not for you, and you have to upgrade them with 3GB GTX 1060 to get better performance on time. That would be the cheapest graphic cards for you, and they are available in the market now.


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The good news about its performance is that the 128 cores have been disabled, and we know that that has been done because of the greater performance, which varies between the two variants. It has been tested that the difference between 8GB and 4GB variants of the RX 480 is too minimal; with a little drop in CUDA cores, it would be great to note the substantial performance shift between the two cards. We are not saying that GTX 1060 3GB card is not useful and bad at all; we are just discussing the difference between them and how they compete with other advanced technologies. If we talk about the performance, it is relatively good; it is authentic compared to other software. The testing has shown the difference in the frame rates of 61fps from far cry primal and 66 from the 6GB version. Far cry primal is available with HD texture and VRM usage from 83 percent.


The Nvidia graphics card is available with its best and most advanced features, and it has Nvidia GeForce 1060 processor. The processor is commonly known as GPU, which is the most powerful component in most graphics cards. The PC game benchmark processor rates are variable, and most chips can easily run 1,000 PC games. That type of PC has a graphic card that can easily run 950 games on the computer, so we can say that it works amazingly and satisfyingly. The most famous games can be run from this graphic card; games include Minecraft, PUBG, and Rainbow Six Siege.

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