MSI GS65 Stealth Thin Review: This Thin Gaming Laptop Features 9th-Gen Core and GTX 1660 Ti

Martin Wilson

Jul 28, 2022


According to the last year's review on the real GS65, which is usually on 4 pounds with 6 ounces of MSI. Most of the structured tools have original running, which is called Flexible. What is flexible? So, it is a bit scary to grab it from one side. According to the recent version, it does not flex, but unfortunately, it is a little bit heavier. The GS 65 is on the top to work for gaming and other graphics. The observers will carefully note the main power plug, which is located on the upper side. This looks a bit difficult for gamers who do not want the cords on a similar side with their right hand. The MSI always provides the right plug to decrease the problems. MSI GS65 Stealth Thin Review will give you all information about this authentic gaming laptop.


Keyboards allow you to get a steel series dome type and per-key. The keyboard options are authentic and perform their functions amazingly with full-size cursor keys. However, there is no fixed faux pass such as different size keys and oddly placed. Trackpads create some consternation for some people. That represents itself as a trackpad ratio with a clear, same surface. This new GS65 has more advanced features usually sized trackpad located in the center of the key.

The laptop trackpad is too large and located in the center exactly to the other side compared to last year's model. According to the credit, the rejection palm working is authentic. This trackpad will be for you if you use your thumb compared to those who use your middle finger. The trackpad usually best works for the Microsoft Touchpad driver. The cost of MSI GS65 starts from $1,799. It has 16 GB RAM and Core i7-8750H; the storage is about 256 M.2 SSD.


The GS65 has a 15.6-inch display based on 1920 × 1080 high resolution. Whenever you want a 4K version or QHD, you should go to the 144-Hertz advance rate. It would help out the screen for latency and tears. You will also appreciate the amazing vivid hues, such as green and pink neon holographic controls, which are linked with the tears of the steel short. The information would be sharp enough when you would see the individual scales with a snakeskin jacket like the grime and dirt which had settled into the crevices and cracks from the well-worn and red garment. The laptop's panel has averaged 293 nits when you will measure it for brightness, and the 288 nit premium is best for gaming scores. That is brighter as compared to Zephyrus.


The audio quality is outstanding. The bottom-mounted speaker's pair with Stealth, which is very good for performing their function amazingly. When you hear the sound quality of Janelle Monae's, you will be impressed by its loud system. Everyone wants to fill their room with clean synths, sharp percussion, and aggressive guitar. GS65 is best for creating beautiful music with more literation on the former audio software. The retooled software will simplify and eliminate myriad presets compared to movies, music, and gaming.

It depends on the preset; you can fix the bass and voice. There would also be the volume stabilizer which helps to prevent the noise from which other people do not disturb. The surrounded sound effects are the authentic part of the software, which can feel the depth of anything you are hearing; it makes the environment more enjoyable and entertaining, and you feel like you are in a little concert hall. That is the best quality of the MSI GS65.


If you are a gamer, you would not want a system that doesn't have the light up, such as a techie disco ball. Gamers always want something new that performs its functions as a gaming laptop but looks like a business. For these types of users, MSI GS65 Stealth Thin is the best choice ever. It is available at a reasonable rate which starts from $1,999, with powerful and amazing gaming performance, customizable keyboard, and authentic sound quality. This laptop is usually skim and sophisticated with a kick-ass for crunching numbers and gaming; the MSI GS65 Stealth thin would be a great option to fulfill all your expectations.

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