Command Prompt Commands You Should Still Be Using

Martin Wilson

Jul 28, 2022


ASSOC command is the most powerful and authentic tool in the CMD command library. Knowing that your computer is always linked to certain file extensions with some programs is imperative. That is the process for your computer to recognize when you open Adobe and click on a PDF file or MS word when you click two times on a DOC file. You can easily see the file associations from your computer because your computer has data when you type ASSOC in the command window. If you are a computer user, then command prompt commands you should still be using.

File Compare

When files change after a long time, it isn't easy to know the difference between these versions. Maybe you do not know that the CMD command provides the ability to compare the files and view all the differences, but this function is also available on computers. It is very important to consider that the FC command provides a function for binary file comparison and will detect all the differences it found.

IP Configuration

Network troubleshooting is always difficult to resolve, but hair is the solution in the form of the command. You can easily solve network troubleshooting problems from your computer using IPCONFIG. When you want to use this command in the CMD command, it has a lot of information about your current network adopter connection, including gateway IP, recent IP address, subnet mask, and current domain. This detailed information will guide you to solve your troubleshooting problem of network connection with your current network adapter.

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PING: Test Packets

There is a strong connection between IT analysts and PING command. To run this command on your computer, there would be some processes such as test packets over the network for the target system. It is very simple to use the PING command to know that your computer can access another computer, any website, or even a server. It can also help you out in revealing network disconnections. It also offers transit time for the packets in less than a second, revealing the wrong network connection. These all commands will help you solve your computer problems in less than a second.


That would be a great option to use as a window command. It will work to track the internet traffic. If you want to know from where your browser traffic is coming either from a remote system like Google, you can use Tracert to know that. The command always stands for trace route, and it sends packets to remove the destination and gives you all the information about your computer. You can also know about several hopes before coming to the destination. How much time it will take to reach every hope. Sometimes it also provides information about every hope ID and name. Tracert can also give information about the roots of your internet request, which is based on accessing the web. It also helps to solve the problem of troubleshooting routers or when you switch to a local network, which is many problems for some users.

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The shutdown command is pretty much verse tile, allowing you to shut down your computer. Normally it used in information technology as a scheduled task when designers have been applied patches to a computer system. Here you will get an option to shut down your computer, or if you want to start, or a full shut down that can be done with the command of GUI. When you do not want to see the GUI pop up, you can remove it from a shutdown command section. There are many more options on a computer that you can use to log off or restart your computer. You can easily type shut down without any arguments to view them all.


There is no doubt that the command prompt is an amazing window tool. Command prompts easily disappear from the Windows interface, which is much better for your window. In the error of text-based input, the CMD commands are mostly unnecessary for some users. But those computers which have Windows 8 and 10, their commands remain useful with the best features; if you do not know that how to get access with Windows command prompt or how can you see the list of different commands, you can search on the Internet about them if you are a beginner.

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