Photojojo Iris Phone Lens Review: Decent lenses, But The Attachment System is Difficult to Master

Martin Wilson

Jul 28, 2022


It is everyone’s right to capture the best moments of life. Your phone can play a vital role in completing your happiness with your family. There can be some problems in advance technology, but there are solutions. You may solve every problem related to technology because the designer has made the solution for every problem. If you are facing problems capturing pictures from your phone just because of the focal length of the photoJojo can solve this problem from many aspects. Reading the Photojojo Iris Phone Lens review is vital to get more information about it. If you want to purchase it from your home, you can order it on Amazon. If you want to capture high-resolution pictures, these three types of lenses would be a great choice for you. The photoJojo Iris lens has the quality to capture neat and clean.

Photojojo Iris Lenses

These lenses are available in three basic layers with all their features. These three lenses, respectively, have been named Fisheye lens, macro lens, and wide angle. These lenses are very helpful in capturing any picture or photography that would be a great option for people to capture the best moment of their life. These lenses have a great quality to capture the picture with high resolution. You can get a lot of advantages from these photo Jojo lenses. There is no problem with ordering these lenses from your home; you can use big websites to order them. They have a lot of features and are specially used for photography. That will be a great choice if you select it for photography. You can also give it to your friend as the best gift ever. They are available reasonably, and you do not have to pay extra money compared to other products.

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Whenever you want to capture a picture, you can attach these lenses to your phone camera; they have elastic and stressed quality and have the ability to give the best results. The plastic side of these lenses can slip in your case because they are small nubs, but they can easily fix on your phone camera. The nub slips can easily be attached to the Iris lens with alliance security and easily with the lens of your phone. These are the basics of lenses and how they work, but they also have an attachment on their downside and upside. Here the drawback which can irritate you is that you must always keep your phone near your elastic cord. However, it will take a little time to adjust to your phone camera; you have to align it properly with your phone to capture a picture. It is not frustrating to adjust the lenses with your phone, but it will take some time; you must keep patience in adjusting it with your camera.

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When we talk about the lenses, they have a fixed size, and you can easily grab them. They are not easily attached to your hand but are also comfortable with your phone. Their design is more authentic and well constructed. Usually, the lenses have made with aluminum, but they are great for performing their function. You would be satisfied after using these lenses because their quality is pretty good. Anti-glare coating saves the sharpness of lenses to make the picture clear. You cannot connect the Iris lenses with your phone because there is no connection; you have to wear them to your phone. Photo Jojo virus lens can capture high-resolution pictures, but it depends on the distance and thickness of your case. You can capture clear and neat pictures from these lenses. The sharpness of lenses will make the system capture the best pictures. You would be satisfied with these three lenses of their quality of images. The quality of the macro lens is the best, and it is very easy to capture the best photographs from this lens.


If you are a photographer and are habitual in capturing any beautiful scenario on your mobile or camera, the photojojo lenses are available for just $99 to make your trips memorable. You would be worth every penny because of these lenses; great job. That would be a great option for you to make photography with high-quality images. There are many more features in that you can fix the size of the image but your distance matters from the lens. It is a great option for photographers to capture high-resolution images whenever possible.

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