How to Share Subscriptions in the App Store With a Family Sharing Group

Martin Wilson

Jul 28, 2022


A family sharing subscription is pretty easy, allowing all users to make purchases, but these purchases will be deducted from the owner's Apple ID account. Many years ago, Apple allowed the developers to manage the software in the app store where people can manage the subscription for their family members, which is very easy and comfortable. This way would be a great option for every household that does not want to open an account again and again. The subscription allows the users for collective or individual purposes. Before making the subscription, you have information that How to share subscriptions in the App Store with a Family Sharing group.

Switching Subscription

It is imperative to know how apple manages the subscriptions from developers to make secure the privacy of users. It isn't easy to convert an individual subscription with a family sharing group if you are not allowed by Apple company. Once you have the subscription, you do not have to upgrade the family sharing subscription for yourself; all members will automatically do it. If you have once made the subscription now, you cannot cancel and receive a refund because that is the process from Apple company that individual subscription is non-refundable. In that case, you have to switch with your family sharing group and use the restore purchases option to get more benefits.

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Requirement For The Subscription of Family Sharing Group

There would be a need for the device iOS 8 for all family members to use the family group features. You can also use another Android device if you want to make a subscription with your family group. Every family person will be counted as one group member, and all deductions will be done from the organizer's Apple ID. The Apple company will allow all users to change family groups only two times in a year. You would get an option on the Apple store sharing group for your kid to join family group. That process is pretty easy and allows all users to purchase anything from home and then do not need to open a bank account or credit card.

You Can Share These Purchases With The Family Sharing Feature

  • Apple Purchases: this authentic option will allow you to share apps to your family with the family sharing feature. If you have the owner responsibility and selected Minecraft in Android device, it would be very easy for an individual family member to download the game without getting permission from App ID. They do not need to enter the password or ask you. That is very easy to purchase and share any game copy to family without purchasing another copy of the game for your family. However, the diamonds and coin-based games, such as free fire and is not shareable.
  • Music: the Apple feature will allow you to share any music album with your family sharing group. Before doing that, you must buy the Apple music plan for your family if you want to share a copy of the music with your family sharing feature. An individual member can get an Apple music on their iPhone without permission from the organizer. The price is too much lesser for 6 individual subscriptions. You will also get an option for your family sharing group to subscribe to different ways like Apple news and Apple TV.
  • iCloud Storage: that is very comfortable for family members to share an iCloud storage plan with other members; in that plan, they can share files, photos, videos, and documents. You will get an option to select 200 GB or 2TB to manage the storage; they both are available. It is quite safe and secure; individuals cannot see every document and file, but they can see the available storage.

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That is a pretty much easy process to share the subscription to App Store with your family sharing group. With that subscription, you get a lot of benefits and share too many things with your family members. There is no need to enter the password again, and all steps from the organizers' Apple ID will be done. That is the best feature ever from Apple company to activate on your Android phone. You can share many things with your family without password. That is very comfortable and convenient for the owner to share anything.

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