MacKeeper Review: An Easy Security Suit Saddled With A Shady Past

Bethany Walsh

Jul 28, 2022


There are many host features in MacKeeper. But it lacks the main features such as malicious URL protection, which comes in anti-virus products regardless of platform. You will get the different options such as cleaning, security, and performance in the menu down the left side in my keeper's main window. The chat support system is available on the right side. You can easily find the big button at the bottom of find and fix with a picture of things occupying the large screen area. It is a little bit difficult, but it is very comfortable to navigate. Its users must get information about MacKeeper reviews without delay.

Cost Of MacKeeper

It is imperative to know that MacKeeper is undeniably expensive. You will get it for $16 every month, but if you select it for a year, you have to pay $200. But recently, if you choose for a year, there would be some reduction, and you will get it on $120. The price list is variable depending on the review process. You can get three Macs in a year with a discounted price of $80. In the current weeks, the pricing is decreasing on every Mac. If you want to get Airo Antivirus for Mac, you have to pay $99 per year. It is important to understand that MacKeeper has mere anti-virus, including system clean-up, ad blocking, and VPN protection.

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Authentic Lab Scores

The lab score of MacKeeper is very authentic, and it is a nice system that works amazingly. The working of Mac can be surprising for you. Thus it is important to consider the results from every independent testing Lab. In the last review, MacKeeper has not been listed in the results from the Labs for the macOS antivirus tools. However, according to the testing of AV test institute, it is the best possible score ever for Mac. Products can get 6 each for performance, usability, and protection, and MacKeeper has every possible point because of its performance. In that case, Norton, Clario, and Avira also gained the full 18 points. Most of the products have not appeared in the results of different Labs. But some products appeared in the result in the past test reports and can also turn up again.

Private Content VPN

Surprisingly, the MacKeeper has an integrated VPN. It would be very easy for you to connect to the internet through a VPN. All communications will be encrypted on different channels to the selected VPN server. Furthermore, your internet request will come from the server instead of your IP address. That can help you to prevent trackers who can easily track your location, and they can also let you access content unavailable in your country. It is crucial to understand that you can violet your terms of service by accessing location-blocked content through the VPN. In this behavior, Netflix is particularly important. You can be a bit confused about the available list of servers. The MacKeeper company permits 296 server locations in 50 types of different countries. You will get many choices you would love and appreciate the important structures on the list.

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MacKeeper Security Features

You can easily find the integrated anti-virus scanner on the dashboard under the security setting. That makes it easy for the users to know about any malware or malicious files on their Mac. You may face to find out the fast scan option, users can use a custom scan option. This option will permit you to select and scan the specific files only. If you want to run it quickly after complete download of software, that will take 50 minutes which is quicker as compare to other anti-virus scanners on Mac. You can suffer from one problem is that it is difficult to know how many files were scanned. The surprising thing about the MacKeeper is that it can easily detect about 99% of malware samples.


You would love the different features of MacKeeper. It has included the anti-virus scanner, which is more comfortable detecting malware files. It is very easy to find the individual products and each feature in MacKeeper. But all these features available in one area make it easy and convenient for the user. If you cannot afford the paid version every month because it is a little bit expensive, you can use the free version, which is good enough, and you can easily use the clean-up tool and VPN or the 24/7 support.

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