Do You Know: How to Turn On Do Not Disturb in macOS Big Sur?

Martin Wilson

Jul 14, 2022


Sharing a screen or trying to avoid distractions when in meetings, putting notifications off in macOS is helpful. In macOS Big Sur, Do Not Disturb settings are still mostly available in the Notification preferences. You can focus better when you use Do Not Disturb on Mac. Do Not Disturb is the ideal setting in the evening or when you wish to sleep on your iPhone. Its ideal uses differ from Mac, despite its similarity. Simply closing the display is the only way to stop the MacBook from making noise.

When you walk away from your desktop Mac, the notifications will stop appearing. The most efficient way to use Mac "Do Not Disturb" is to ensure that you are focused on what you are doing while seated in front of your computer.

Mac Software Updates

The first thing you need to do is ensure that Monterey 12.0 or above is installed. Select About this Mac from atop the screen to check your current OS version. Download and install the latest macOS version if the window shows an older version.

Don't Disturb While in Focus

Focus is configured by selecting the Focus tab in System Preferences >'' Notifications & Focus. There are six different options available by default. There are several ways to set up Do Not Disturb. Driving, exercising, sleeping, enjoying personal time, and working, for example, are all easy to set up to automatically not disturb.

Pick the contacts you wish to receive notifications from, and select Do Not Disturb. You can add anyone you wish to include as an exception under Allowed Notifications From by clicking the plus (+). Select the contact you would like to add and click Add. Click the minus (-) button next to a contact's name to remove it.

Next, select the apps you want to receive notifications. To add an app, select the + symbol under the Apps tab. Add the apps you wish to add by clicking them in the list of apps, followed by adding them. The minus (-) symbol can be used to remove apps.

Disturbing Options

Do Not may further manage by clicking the Options button. A time-sensitive notification can be enabled or disabled here. If enabled, notifications such as appointment reminders or reminders with a deadline or time are sent. Select Everyone, All Contacts, or Favourites and then let their phone numbers. Selecting Allow repeated calls makes it possible to allow repeated contacts assuming they are emergency calls.

How To Turn On Do Not Disturb in macOS Big Sur? Disturbing settings are activated automatically, depending on certain conditions. Select an automatic setting based on time, location, or app by clicking the plus (+) icon if Choose Add Time-Based Automation to make it appear at specific times. It also switches on and off at the time and day that works best for you. Finalize by clicking Add.

Apps to Add

Select "Add Location-Based Automation" from Add Location-Based Automation to create a schedule based on your location. Click Add after selecting one of the locations in the list. Then select Add App-Based Automation under the (+) sign. Add a new app by selecting one from the list.

Ensure any schedules you want to enable are checked under the Turn On Automatically section; otherwise, uncheck them. The minus (-) sign can be used to remove a schedule. It is possible to turn on Do Not Disturb straight away. The schedules you create will determine when it takes effect.

Settings For No Disturbance

The Share Focus Status box is available when Do Not Disturb on Mac is turned on. For your iPad, iPhone, or Apple Watch, make sure Share across devices is checked.

Choosing The Right Focus Mode

The Notifications & Focus menu lets you set specific Focuses by enabling relevant switches. The Driving Focus enables by selecting the Driving switch and turning it on. Do Not Disturb options are similar to those for each Focus.

Based on whether you want to receive notifications for calls or messages from specific people, you can add or remove them. You can allow repeated calls and calls from particular numbers. Activate this setting by switching on the Driving switch. Once your iPhone is configured properly, it will automatically turn on.


In conclusion, Don't Disturb on your Mac is an important tool when you need to concentrate or take a break. For a specific period or until you turn it off, It mutes all calls, notifications, and incoming messages.

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