Learning: How to Convert a POP Email Account to IMAP?

Martin Wilson

Jul 13, 2022


How to switch a POP account to IMAP is outlined in this article. It is important to note that a POP conversion is impossible for an IMAP account. The IMAP account and POP setup is required to transfer content from a POP account to an IMAP account. POP does not allow you to access your emails on multiple devices, which is one of the advantages of the IMAP service.

We provide an email setting up guide here if you need help. Changing your current POP account is not required. Therefore, you don't have to do it. You can access the instructions for your email client straightaway by clicking on the links below.

Contact Email Provider

Your hosting company's dashboard should let you know if you can use IMAP if you manage your email account. Check with your school or business IT department if you receive an email. It may be necessary to make any changes that may be necessary to make any changes to the server-side to allow IMAP access. Gmail users can change their POP accounts to IMAP using this help page. On the Gmail website, you must enable IMAP.

Message Protection

It would help if you backed up all your messages before converting to IMAP, so you don't face disasters. A mail server stores your email if you use IMAP. It's important to note that if you don't save their messages before you switch, any folders on your Mac may be overwritten or even deleted.

Please create a new mailbox by selecting New Mailbox and On My Mac as the location. Use the name Old Mail for it. This folder should now hold every message you've received. You should also follow this procedure with any Drafts you may have in your Sent Mail folder. Change your email account's settings once this is completed. Change your email account's settings once this is completed.

Setting Up IMAP

The settings you need to switch your Account over to IMAP are findable either with your hosting firm, your IT department, or your email provider. For IMAP to replace pop, you will need to change the prefix. Be sure to note them down. Those are the documents necessary for the next step.

POP Disabled

You can uncheck Enable this Account by clicking the name of the POP account under Preferencesyour POP account's name under Preferences ->'' Accounts.

Add an IMAP Account

POP accounts change is not possible to IMAP accounts in Mail. A new account is required instead. In step three, enter the account information under File ->'' Add Account. By using the settings you have collected, you can convert your email to IMAP.

Verify Email

Your new IMAP account should be ready immediately if you enter the correct information. A folder called Inbox will appear in the Mailbox. You will now be able to access all your messages from all your devices after copying the messages from your old inbox folder into that folder in step 2. Any sent or draft messages did the same way.

The same settings are required to access your messages from another Mac or on your iOS devices once you have created an IMAP account on your Mac. Email accounts can be synced using iCloud or iCloud, or in the Messages, Contacts, Calendars section of Settings, you can input the necessary information.

You'll see messages on all your devices if you create more folders for storing messages. The New-Mailbox option will allow you to choose which email account you want, then click on the Account Name popup menu. Choosing Mailbox ->'' New Mailbox will allow you to choose which email account you want, then click on the Account Name popup.

Messages can be synced to all your devices when a folder is created on your mail server. It would help if you switched to IMAP to keep access to your email across multiple devices. POP accounts are no longer useful for managing multiple devices simultaneously.


Your email correspondence is also available in the web interface of your Mailbox once you have set up an IMAP account since IMAP syncs your mail client (Outlook) with the server. Any sent items and read/unread status received on one device will be automatically updated on any other smartphone, tablet, laptop, or laptop.

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