The Best Way To Manage Passwords With Keychain Access

Martin Wilson

Jul 08, 2022

You can access and manage your keychains on your Mac with the help of Keychain Access. When you use iCloud Keychain, you can ensure that your devices have the most recent version of your passwords and other sensitive information. We are now required to remember hundreds of passwords, which may seem to move in the wrong direction.


Keychain, macOS method for managing passwords, has been integrated into the Mac operating system since version 8.6. A front-end to that system is provided by the Keychain Access program, which may be found in the Applications folder under the Utility folder.

When you start up Keychain Access, you'll see that the window is separated into three panes. The keychains that are available to you are shown in the top-left window.

Retrieve The Lost Passwords.

Keychain Access is capable of performing a variety of valuable functions. For instance, if you've forgotten a password and need to retrieve it, you may do it using the Keychain Access app on your device. Double-clicking an item will reveal its Password if you first pick "All Items" or "Passwords" in the Category pane. After that, locate the article for which you want the Password and click it twice.

Double-clicking an item in the Keychain will bring up the option to Show Password. Turn on the Show Password option in the box that appears after doing so. You will be requested to provide the Password for the Keychain associated with the login. After you have entered it and clicked the Allow button, the Password will be shown in the space labeled Password. If all you want to do is retrieve passwords you've stored for websites and you're running Safari on Mountain Lion, your work will be far more straightforward. Launch Safari, go to the Preferences menu, and choose the Passwords option. A list on the screen containing all the websites for which you have used Safari to store passwords. Enable the opportunity to Show Passwords, and when requested, enter your Password for the login screen. The passwords for each site will be shown to the right of the site's name.

Make Changes To The Password For The Keychain Login.

As you create a user account for the first time, the password you use to log in to that account is also added to the login keychain. This is the location where new passwords are saved when they are created. To learn the confidential information associated with a keychain item, you must enter the password you use for your account. You will be asked to enter your existing password (the one you use for your user account at the moment), after which you will be required to enter a new password and verify it.

Lock The Keychain Automatically

This is not a very safe setting since it allows anyone to access your Mac while you are not there. You have the option of adding a layer of protection to your Keychain that will automatically lock it. You will be requested to provide the Password for the Keychain associated with the login. After you have entered it and clicked the Allow button, the Password will be shown in the space labeled Password.

If You Forget

You have unfortunately forgotten the new password for the login keychain despite having just changed the Password for it. Is there any chance of success? Regrettably, no. Even though it's not the most up-to-date encryption method, it's safe for regular people like you, so don't worry about using it. You are out of luck and will need to begin the process again unless you can remember your password. We will remove the old Keychain from Keychain Access, make a copy of it for safekeeping in case you remember its password, and then create a new login keychain for you that you will use in the future.

Share Your Login Keychain.

Now choose "File" >'' "New Keychain" from the menu. In the Store dialogue box that appears after clicking the button, give the newly created keychain login a name and save it in the default location, which is the Keychains folder associated with your user account. You will be required to generate and validate a password for this Keychain shortly. (When deciding on a password for this account, choose one you can easily recall.) Passwords you add from this point forward will be added to this Keychain as soon as they are added. You will need to input any passwords kept in the previous Keychain when asked. This is required.

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