How To Manage Cellular Data Usage On Your iPhone And iPad

Bethany Walsh

Jul 11, 2022

Utilize cellular data and Roaming, set which apps use cellular data, check cellular data usage, and select other cellular options. You may also turn cellular data and roaming on or off.

A mobile network icon appears in the status bar when iPhone is connected to the internet via the cellular data network.

On GSM cellular networks, voice and data can be transmitted simultaneously over 5G, LTE, 4G, and 3G. Internet access while on the phone isn't possible on any other cellular connection save for an iPhone with a Wi-Fi connection. Depending on your relationship, you may not be able to receive calls while your iPhone is downloading data via the cellular network.

When using EDGE or GPRS to transport data, inbound calls may go to voicemail on GSM networks. When you answer an incoming call, data transfers are halted.

Data transfers are halted when you answer an incoming call on CDMA networks. When data is transferred over a 1xRTT connection, inbound calls may be routed to voicemail. Data transfers are halted while you answer incoming calls.

When you hang up the phone, the data transfer resumes.

All data services, such as email, online surfing, and push notifications, use Wi-Fi only if Cellular Data is turned off. Carrier costs may be incurred if Cellular Data is enabled. Siri and Messages, for example, are features and services that may result in additional charges to your data plan if you use them.

Turn On Or Off Cellular Data

Cellular data can be turned on or off in Settings by selecting Cellular or Mobile Data from the drop-down menu. In the iPad's settings, you may find Cellular Data.

You may have extra choices under Cellular Data Options, depending on your provider and device:

Using LTE, 4G, or 3G as your voice and data connection is up to you. Find out more about these possibilities. Use your iPhone or iPad to learn about 5G data plans.

When traveling abroad, you can disable data roaming to avoid roaming fees. You may need to keep Data Roaming enabled using an overseas data plan. Learn how to take your iPhone or iPad on an international trip.

Domestic travel may need the usage of data roaming, depending on your service provider. Contact your service provider to learn more about your data roaming policy or other cellular data settings. Cellular data can be turned off to prevent apps and services from accessing the internet via the cellular network. When Wi-Fi isn't accessible, apps and services that rely on cellular data can connect to your phone's cellular network to continue working. To avoid being hit with additional fees, you should avoid utilizing cellular data to access some of these capabilities. Talk to your wireless provider if you want to learn more about the charges you could face.

Observe How Much Data You're Consuming

Cellular data usage can be found under Settings >'' Cellular Settings >'' Mobile Data, depending on the version of Android. Settings >'' Cellular Data may appear instead if you're using an iPad.

Scroll down to see which apps are utilizing data from your mobile device. You can disable cellular data usage for a specific app if you don't want it. Apps will only use Wi-Fi for data if cellular data is turned off.

Go to Settings >'' Cellular Settings >'' Mobile Data to discover how much cellular data individual System Services use. Then select System Services from the drop-down menu under Cellular Data. Individual System Services are unable to turn on or off cellular data.

Viewing data consumption statistics for apps that consume data when you're traveling is also possible via the app's data usage stats page. Settings >'' Cellular Settings >'' Mobile Data, then hit Reset Statistics to reset these stats.

You can check the data used when using an iPhone Dual SIM to view how much data you've used on your selected cell phone number.

Set Cellular Data Use For Apps And Services

If an app or service that uses cellular data, like Maps or Wi-Fi Assist, can be turned on or off under Settings >'' Cellular, do it there.

Wi-Fi is used only if a setting is disabled. Wi-Fi Assist is turned on by default in this app. To improve signal strength when Wi-Fi connectivity is inadequate, Wi-Fi Assist uses cellular data. As a result of using cellular data to stay connected to the internet in the event of a poor Wi-Fi connection, you may be liable for additional data charges if you exceed your data plan limits. See the Wi-Fi Assist article in the Apple Knowledge Base.

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