Best Ways for iCloud Account Recovery

Martin Wilson

Jun 28, 2022

Suppose your account does not employ Two-Factor Authentication. In that case, you may either use I forgot or answer the security questions associated with your account to reset your password and rapidly regain access to your account. If you have Two-Factor Authentication turned on to protect your Apple Account, you (or anyone else who understands your device security code and has accessibility to one of your Apple products) can easily change the password; basically, in a couple of moments. If you do not have Two-Factor Authentication turned on, anyone who knows your handset passcode and has accessibility to one of your Apple products cannot reset the password.

What happens, though, if you are aware of both your password and your passcode but have lost access to the sole physical iOS device that can use your Apple ID and your SIM card simultaneously? This may very well occur if you go to a foreign country and your phone, along with the SIM card, is stolen. Things may become much worse if the trustworthy phone number you've been using is no longer in service.

Authentication Using Two Factors for Your Apple Account

Go ahead and read this article from Apple titled "Two-factor Authentication for Apple ID" if you are not already acquainted with the concept of two-factor authentication. This is not even the first time we have written about the negative aspects of using two-factor authentication. With each passing year, we couldn't help but notice that Apple is making 2FA a far more potent weapon than it should be. After first serving as a barrier to prevent unwanted account access, two-factor authentication gradually morphed into something else over time.

Sign in to your account with Apple.

  • If you have already entered your login information and password, you do not yet have sufficient authentication.
  • Using your second authentication factor, you can log in, and yes, you can modify or reset your password.

Resetting the iPhone to factory settings

  • Yes, you can use your Apple ID's password to deactivate iCloud Lock using your login and password.
  • Utilizing the second factor in your authentication: You can modify or reset the password for your Apple ID, after which you may reset the phone and turn off iCloud Lock.

Restore the Backup to the New Device

It is not a major problem if you forget the password to your Apple ID. After all, businesses have been forced to cope with lost or forgotten passwords for decades. These mechanisms allow you to change your password from within your iPhone or another device.

  • Option 1: You can change your password using at least one trusted device as your second authentication factor. To do this, you must have access to at least one trusted device.
  • Option 2: If you've forgotten your password, go to and follow the instructions. It should take you less than a minute to reset your password if you still have access to at least one of your devices compatible with the two-factor authentication technique and can receive push notifications.
  • Option 3: There are a variety of choices available to you that will enable you to reset the password for your Apple ID.

Security Consequences of Losing the Password

If you haven't also misplaced your second factor of identification, then the loss of your Apple ID password won't significantly impact the security of your personal information. Find My iPhone is the only Apple service that can be used even without your second factor of authentication being present. If things go from bad to worse, a vicious individual may remotely lock all of your devices that are registered to that Apple ID (you would still be able to unlock them and change the password for your Apple ID), or they could remotely delete all of your devices (in this case you lose data, but can change your Apple ID password and restore from a backup).

Restoring a User's Account

They are losing one's only iPhone while traveling is a situation that happens all too often to those who utilize Apple products. If there was no two-factor authentication system in place, replacing the device would be as simple as purchasing a new one and restoring it from the most recent cloud backup. However, since they do not have a device that can be trusted and because they have lost the sole SIM card that can be trusted, travelers are forced into an uncomfortable predicament in which their only alternative is to wait.

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