Best Way to Use Reminders on Your Mac

Martin Wilson

Jun 28, 2022

You will be able to use applications like Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Notes after you have established Internet Accounts on your Mac. Go to System Preferences >'' Internet Accounts if you want to utilize the reminders feature with your accounts. After that, check the box next to the word "Reminders" for each account you wish to use where the app is accessible.

Make Notes of Important Dates for Your Online Accounts

When you have completed these steps, the sidebar of the Reminders app will list each of the accounts you have selected. If you are not utilizing any other features of Reminders for iCloud, then that account will just be labeled as My Lists. In addition, bear in mind that different kinds of accounts do not have access to the full set of capabilities that can be found in the Reminders app. For instance, you can only use Groups for the reminders with your iCloud account.

Display the Sidebar for the Reminders

If the sidebar is not visible, you may make it visible by selecting View >'' Show Sidebar from the menu bar. You may adjust the sidebar size by positioning your cursor on the separator between the two sections, then moving the pointer when the arrow with two heads appears.

Smart Lists

Using Smart Lists, the Reminders app hopes to make it simpler for you to keep track of your responsibilities. These will appear as boxes at the top of the sidebar titled "Reminders." You will see that there are separate listings for Today, Scheduled, All, and Flagged.

Your reminders (tasks or list items) are used to generate each of your Smart Lists, which are then produced automatically for you. Therefore, to see any reminders that are due today, you must click the Today Smart List button. In addition, you can see the total number of reminders included inside each Smart List.

Reminders Lists

You may access all of your accounts and Reminders lists by clicking the apps button that is located underneath the Smart Lists. Similar to Smart Lists, the total number of reminders included inside each list may be seen here.

Customize a Reminders List

If you start compiling many lists inside your iCloud account, you'll find that Groups makes it simple to arrange all of those lists. Groups are essentially folders that are used to organize list items.

Reminders Group-Mac

For example, you may start a group dedicated to family-related topics. Then, you'll be able to transfer your Shopping, Grocery, and Family lists into it so that all interconnected lists are kept in one place. Click the "File" drop-down menu, then choose "New Group" from the submenu that appears. This will allow you to create a new group. Enter a name for your Group, then click the Return key. (You'll be able to see that the icon for the Group is in the shape of a folder.) You may add a list to a Group in one of two ways:

  • Drag the Reminder list into the Group or right-click the list.
  • Choose to Add to Group.
  • Select the name of the Group.

After that, you may collapse or expand that Group to access the lists that are included inside it.

Add Reminders List to Group-Mac

To rename or remove a group, right-click the Group's name in the sidebar and choose the appropriate option from the context menu. You may utilize groups as a convenient method to arrange your lists, and you can use these lists for either your professional or your responsibilities.

Make Use of Various Reminders

After being familiar with the fundamentals of Smart Lists, Reminder lists, and Groups, it is time to move on to the actual reminders themselves.

Create a Reminder

Choose a Reminder list from the drop-down menu in the sidebar. After that, you'll need to click the + sign button at the very top of the window. You also have the option of clicking inside the reminder box that is located below your most recent item.

Use Messaging Alerts

When you are texting someone on your Mac, you can get a notice of a reminder in addition to receiving alerts for dates, times, or places. How convenient is that! To access the reminder, choose the "Info" button from the toolbar and select the "When Messaging a Person" check box. After that, choose a contact from your list and click the Add Contact button.

Reminder Custom-Mac to Repeat the Message

The following is a small selection of possible instances for recurring reminders that you may put up:

  • Hourly: You will be prompted with a reminder every three hours.
  • Receive a reminder once every month and a day.
  • Weekly: You will only get a reminder on Saturdays and Sundays once every other week.
  • Get a reminder every month's second, third, and fourth. This reminder is sent out monthly.
  • Annually: You will be prompted to take action on the first Sunday each of April, May, and June of each year.

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