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Martin Wilson

Jun 28, 2022

Suppose you are still unfamiliar with the idea. In that case, we strongly suggest that you read that article since it explains the benefits of terminal package managers over the graphical installers included with Windows. Chocolatey is a different Windows package manager with a greater emphasis on user-facing desktop apps. Today, we will investigate Chocolatey, our topic of discussion.

The command-line interface is the primary point of control for Chocolatey. If this is your first time using terminal programs, don't worry; if you enter the commands exactly as they are presented in the manual, you shouldn't have any problems. Chocolatey also comes with a graphical user interface as an additional customization option, which we will look at later. Installing Chocolatey is as follows:

  • To install Chocolatey, go through the installation steps outlined on the website for Chocolatey.
  • Run "choco install program" in a console to install a program called "programme."

Imagine this: you need to add some new program to your Windows computer, but first, you must install it. You will be sent to a website where you will have to avoid clicking on any unnecessary content on the page before navigating a graphical installer while almost certainly leaving the settings in their default state. Since the software has been made available online from the beginning of Windows' existence, the procedure is one you have undoubtedly been used to throughout its lifespan. The software installation process on Unix-based systems, on the other hand, is taken care of by package managers. There is rising interest in applying these advantages to Windows using third-party package managers. This interest has been spurred on by the fact that this is possible.

Putting Chocolatey in Place

Launch PowerShell from the Start menu to begin the installation of Chocolatey. Before downloading and executing Chocolatey's installation script. You should refer to Chocolatey's documentation if you need more clarification on this procedure. If you are worried about the script's actions, you need to review it before executing the command carefully.

Chocolatey Installation of Software Applications

The ability to install windows applications with only a single command is the primary function that Chocolatey provides. You can avoid having to go to a website and manually navigate through an installation by using PowerShell and typing in anything along these lines:

  • You could be prompted to execute scripts during the installation process of certain apps. Enter "A" into the terminal to indicate "Yes for everyone," and then hit enter once you've finished typing to accept this prompt and complete the installation.
  • The number of programs that Chocolatey is compatible with is in the thousands. By exploring the Chocolatey package repository, you can check what options are currently accessible.

Updating Installed Applications

Keeping the software, you've installed up to date has never been easier, thanks to Chocolatey. Execute the following command to update any Chocolatey package on your system that is out of date:

Choco Upgrade VLC

Chocolatey will determine whether or not updates are necessary and will then install the most recent version automatically. Instead of downloading the updates, you may check to see whether new versions are available by using the command "choco obsolete."

Additional Instructions

There are a few more commands available for Chocolatey that you will probably find helpful. When you use the power "choco list -lo," a list of all the apps you've installed will be shown. You don't even need to use a web browser to locate new software since you can use the command "choco search query" to search the package repository for the word "query" and show all the packages that match.

This essay has barely skimmed the surface of Chocolately's feature set, which is surprising given the platform's impressive capability. In addition to the possibility of operating local proxies, caches, and package repositories, there are many configuration options available for expert users to choose from. Chocolate offers premium plans explicitly tailored to the needs of businesses and other organizations.

User Interface (UI) Of Chocolatey

In conclusion, it is essential to point out that Chocolatey comes with a graphical user interface that can be turned on or off as needed. This interface allows you to interact with your existing packages and install new ones. Installing the user interface (UI) is accomplished, contrary to what you may anticipate, using Chocolatey itself!

This provides you with a straightforward graphical interface via which you can browse the packages you have installed, check for available updates, and modify the settings for Chocolatey. Choose "chocolatey" from the options on the left sidebar to begin perusing the Chocolatey inventory. If console applications aren't your style, you may search for new programs here and install them with just one click, saving you from having to utilize PowerShell anymore.

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