For Newbies: A Beginner's Guide to Discord

Martin Wilson

Jun 28, 2022

Discord is the preferred method for gamers to communicate with each other while playing games. Keeping in touch with pals outside of gaming has also been incredibly popular in recent years. For chatting with friends throughout the day and meeting new people on public servers, Discord is an excellent choice. It's also a great place to hang out, with a lot more to do than other social media networks.

Discord Servers: What Are They?

An invitation-only home for your friends, coworkers or other groups you're a part of is a server. Several channels on this server are dedicated to different topics that you and your friends or community members like discussing.

For example, I set up a new discord server for all of my friends who enjoy making things and are looking to cooperate with others that share their interests in the process. I've set up various channels on my server for different types of content. Musicians, artists, authors, and photographers have channels on these platforms. In addition, we offer a channel solely for socializing.

How to Set Up a Discord Server of Your Own

To add a new server to your list, click the plus symbol to the right of the existing ones. You'll be able to choose from various alternatives if you use Discord. Click Create My Own if you wish to start fresh with your server configuration. Depending on the type of server you intend to establish, Discord offers a variety of pre-named channel templates. To keep things simple, we'll be using a pre-made server, but you'll be able to change and delete channels afterwards. Our Friends will get their own.

How to Make Your Discord Channels and Personalize Them

Use the + button at the top to add a new channel from your list of channels. With Discord's voice and text channel options, you're all set. Creating a new channel is as simple as naming it after the topic you'd like to cover. Click the gear icon next to your channel name to make changes.

You'll be able to rename it and remove an undesired channel from the list of options. In addition to channel permissions, invitations, and integrations, this is where you can manage your channels. When using the mobile app, just press and hold the channel name to bring up the same menu of editing choices you see on the desktop application.

Instructions for Getting People to Join Your Discord Server

Send a link to invite your friends to join your new server. When you click or touch the Invite People icon above your channels, a list of your Discord friends will appear, from which you may send a direct invitation to each of them with a single click.

To get started, we will change the URL so that it will remain valid even after being posted on social media. On mobile, this may be accomplished by clicking the gear icon that is located next to the Copy Share Link. On desktop, this can be done by clicking the blue modify invite link.

Here, you can set the expiration date and the maximum number of times the link may be used. This is a useful feature if you'd like to restrict the number of people who may join your server. We're making it permanent to allow as many people as possible to access our connection.

The original URL is no longer visible with Save or Generate a New Link. To avoid losing this link, copy it and put it into your general or welcome channel. You can now share this link with your friends by pasting it anywhere!

How To Use Discord For Voice And Video Chats

Discord is a great tool for conversing with friends while playing games together. To connect, click or press on one of your voice channels. Members who are on the same channel as you can be seen. To join a video chat, click the voice channel again, and the video chat window will appear, displaying all of your connected pals.

The camera icon may be found in the lower-left corner of the voice channel lounge while using a mobile device. You'll be able to use the desktop app's features, such as screen sharing, and this mobile app's.

The audio input and output options and the camera you're using may all be found here. If you're using a laptop, the default audio output will be your laptop's built-in microphone and camera, as well as any headphones or external speakers you've connected.

Discord Simplifies Friend Connections.

Many individuals find Discord to be a highly useful programme. Staying in contact with your friends, streaming your favourite games, interacting with other online producers, and more can all be accomplished via Twitch. Even if you've never used Discord, you can easily get started due to our guide.

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