How to Convert A Picture to A Pencil Drawing In Photoshop

Martin Wilson

Jun 27, 2022

How can you regularly transform a photo into a pencil sketch in Photoshop tutorials? This method, which requires Photoshop CS5 or later, offers a stunningly realistic outcome and allows for a wide range of colorization options without affecting the original photo...without affecting the quality of the image.

Photoshop Pencil Sketch Effect?

Duplicate your photo backdrop layer by drawing a pencil sketch with Photoshop's Pencil Sketcher tool. The next step is to cover the layer completely. Step three calls for duplicating the deactivated layer. The fourth step is to invert the layer. To get the right hue, you'll need to adjust the blending mode of your Dodge. To begin, we'll create a smart object from the layer.

Photoshop Color Pencil Sketch Action?

When you use Control-J to copy a thumbnail and the Background layer, a new layer is created. After you've done this, drag the layer under the topic layer. Change the layer blending mode to Color to add Color to the drawing.

Is Photoshop a Good Tool for Sketching?

For the first time in my life, I chose to leave the consistency of the mixture as it is. Adjust the opacity to see how opaque or transparent your lines are. Adjusting the opacity is necessary to mimic the pushing motion of a pencil. If you want to use a pencil, you may set it to 20%.

How Do I Make a Photoshop illustration?

Creating an illustration may be done under Window>''' Actions by selecting New Set in the upper right-hand corner. The graphic will be displayed in the Actions section as a consequence of your work. Click the New Action button once you've created an action with the same menu choice. As the last step, give a name to the image you've created.

Layer up

A white or light-colored background works well with this method. Open a picture in Photoshop and press Command-D if the image to be drawn consists of a single layer. Creating a new layer containing the content of all the previous levels is necessary when working with several layers, such as when correcting a picture using adjustment layers?

Divide And Conquer

Change the blend mode of the duplicate or stamped layer to Divide using the menu near the top of the Layers panel. Photoshop CS5 included a new "White Balance" setting that considerably brightens your image. Could you take a deep breath; we've got your back?

Gaussian Blur

Gaussian blur may be applied with a relatively little quantity of Radius entered in the dialogue box. This 2500 by 2700 pixel picture has a pixel value of 10.

Smarten Up

Activate the topmost layer and press Shift-Option-Command-E to create a stamped clone of your current layers. Select Filter >''' Convert for Smart Filters to turn the newly stamped layer into a Smart Object. Keep an eye out for the unique badge on the layer's thumbnail (circled here).

Fun With Filters

We'll apply the Poster Edges effect to draw attention to the photo's sharp edges. Filter >''' Filter Gallery >''' Artistic >''' Poster Edges (in CS5): In CS6, choose Filter >''' Artistic and single-click the Poster Edges icon (in CS5). Either method, start with a slider value of 1 and steadily move it to the right until you get the desired outcome (each image is different, so this part requires experimentation). Once you've completed, click OK.

Burn-in Some Contrast

Please create a new smart object in Photoshop and set its blend mode to Linear Burn (Step 4). Darkens colors while bringing out the contrast. Using a value of 75 percent for the Opacity option in the Layers tab, we were able to soften the impact. Step 8 can be skipped if you don't want to colorize the sketch, but if you do, stay reading!

Colored Pencils

A Hue/Saturation adjustment layer may be used to generate a solid-colored sketch and modify the saturation of the colors in your drawing. Layer >''' New Adjustment Layer >''' Hue/Saturation and press OK in the dialogue box to create a new adjustment layer.

Please turn on the Colorize checkbox at the bottom of the Properties panel (the Adjustments panel in CS5) to generate a solid colored drawing. Try adjusting the Hue slider until you find a color you like. The Saturation slider may be dragged slightly to the left if you only want to lessen the saturation of your sketch.


Choose File >''' Save As and choose Photoshop from the Format selection to save your work. Keep your layers intact for future edits using this technique (say, if you want to change colors later on). Using File >''' Save for Web, you may duplicate your sketch to send via email or post on the web. Select PNG–24 from the file format drop-down option in the upper right corner of the Window and deselect the Transparency checkbox to get the best results.

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