A Complete Malwarebytes Premium Review: A Fast, Efficient Security Program with An Unusual Approach

Martin Wilson

Jun 27, 2022

Aside from antivirus software, Malwarebytes has evolved into a stand-alone product. It served as a safety net in case your main antivirus tool failed to detect and remove a particularly difficult piece of malware. In December 2016, Malwarebytes declared that its commercial edition, Malwarebytes Premium, was competent enough to serve as your main protection application. Malwarebytes is available in two varieties: free and paid. There are two options: the free version, which can only remove malware during a scan, and the paid version. Here is a complete Malwarebytes Premium review: A fast, efficient security program with an unusual approach.

Malwarebytes Premium includes real-time adware protection, undesirable software prevention, automatic updates, as well as scan scheduling. When it comes to security suites, Malwarebytes isn't like the others. For years, the firm has been a reputable brand in malware eradication, but when tested against samples there in malware collection, it failed to perform as well as rival antivirus suites. According to the corporation, this is by design, yet it places us in a tough position to form an opinion.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Malwarebytes Premium?

Some firms release a new version of their product each year, while others don't bother. It had been three years since the previous whole-number update, in 2016, when version 3.0 was released. Two years before it, there was Version 2. The most recent version of Malwarebytes Premium is version 4.3, which was examined in this article.

Malwarebytes costs $39.99 annually to protect a single Windows or macOS system. Five devices may be safeguarded for $79.99 a year. With Sophos Home Premium, you may install it on up to ten devices for $50 per year (Windows or macOS). In addition, McAfee costs $59.99 annually to cover all of your family's Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS devices.

The Malwarebytes Security Features

However, despite the fact that Malwarebytes has a number of important capabilities, it does not have as many features as, for example, Avast or McAfee. Malwarebytes antivirus software does not include features like parental controls, firewalls, or password managers. Malwarebytes will operate as a competent, no-nonsense antivirus programme, protecting against viruses and quarantining files.

In this Malwarebytes review, I'd want to make one last point. During the process of installing the application, you will be prompted to choose whether you would like to install it on your personal computer or the computer at your place of employment. There's no need to stress the difference in features between the two versions. The only difference is that corporate customers get priority customer service, which most consumers don't care about.

Exploit Protection

Exploit Protection needs its own paragraph despite being under Real-Time Protection. That's because this is a sophisticated security method that focuses on exploiting attacks against software vulnerabilities and security issues in apps. To be attacked by one of these assaults, all you have to do is open an infected webpage or file. To protect yourself from harmful code, you may use Malwarebytes's Premium service to "shield" vulnerable programmes against attacks.

Malicious Website Protection

Malicious Website Protection is a feature of Malwarebytes that helps you avoid fraud and phishing websites. Aside from that, it keeps your device free of spyware and other possibly harmful software. This helpful function, which is also known as URL filtering, operates in a straightforward way and does the following tasks: automatically scans for harmful domains and IP addresses and bans them by intercepting relevant DNS requests.

Be aware that malicious website protection would be only available with the Premium Malwarebytes subscription. In the antivirus settings, you can quickly activate or stop the function. The Detection and Protection tab may be found on the left-side panel of the Malwarebytes app's settings. Radio buttons may be found under the Malicious Website Protection section.

Malwarebytes Privacy VPN

A VPN is included with the Malwarebytes Premium + Privacy subscription. It's really one of the most outstanding VPN and antivirus bundles available. There are just 450 servers in 30+ countries, which is less than the specialized VPN companies. It's possible, though, that there will be many sites to link.

The WireGuard tunnelling technology is included in the VPN, which is now popular among VPN providers. When you consider that not all dedicated VPN providers provide it, Malwarebytes has done a great job. They'll also have 256-bit encryption to keep their data safe. Because of this, no hacker would be able to get past it using brute force. In addition, Malwarebytes' stringent no-logs policy ensures that your data is safe from unauthorized access.

Is Malwarebytes Worth the Money It Costs?

Yes, the price of Malwarebytes is reasonable. The cost of the service is comparable to that of other suppliers. Also included is a fast VPN, strong real-time security, and anti-phishing Protection. Malwarebytes also offers a variety of membership options, including a free one and a more expensive one. Additionally, the free edition is an excellent bargain since you can get started with cleaning up without paying a thing.


There is no longer a need to use Malwarebytes Premium as a supplement to your primary antivirus. It does very well in our hands-on tests, and scores from other testing labs are getting better.

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