How to Find the Best USB-C Power Adapters for the iPhone?

Bethany Walsh

Jun 27, 2022


Of course, you can use any old charging and Lighting cable you had sitting about. However, this is the ideal moment to upgrade if you have been utilising Apple's outdated 5W adaptor. Apple is now including a USB-C to Lightning connection to enable fast charging in every iPhone package. This means all you require is the proper charger. There have been some methods to purchase a decent USB-C power in reasonable quantities, but still, the issue is that people wouldn't know how to do it. The methods for purchasing the best USB-C power adapters for the iPhone are as follows.

Watch the Wattage

Most likely, you possess an Apple 5-watt adapter. The iPhone 12 is compatible, but be patient because charging might take a while. The wattage your smartphone would receive from the new charger is the most crucial factor to consider. For many years, Apple included "good sufficiently" 5-watt adapters in the iPhone packaging. These chargers replenish your iPhone to capacity in around 2.5 hours. That was OK for iPhone versions, including iPhone 5, which did not allow quick charging. However, the most recent iPhone 12 models can use adapters that can take up to 20 watts.

With the correct adaptor, you could charge an iPhone 12's batteries to roughly 50% capacity in about 30 minutes. Therefore, you need to purchase a USB C adapter that has a 20-watt output. In all honesty, it's more difficult to find another that does not than someone who does, but you should make sure you've got at minimum the absolute necessities to enable maximal fast charging. Additionally, you should confirm that the charger is compatible with USB Power Delivery, as practically every third-party charger would be.

Check the Size and the Specs

Even though Apple phone chargers have generally been lightweight, tiny, and portable, certain third-party chargers give them a hefty appearance. Gallium nitride (GaN), the most recent charging technology, is to blame for this since it enables substantially shorter and more power-efficient chargers. Gallium nitride has already started to take the place of silicon inside power chargers, and the dimension difference is noticeable. For instance, despite providing the same 60-watt recharge, this Anker PowerPort Atom III seems to be 35% shorter than the converter Apple includes with a 13-inch MacBook Pro. Make sure to look at the measurements in the technical specifications unless you want to purchase one of the devices listed above, which are all GaN except for Apple's power adapter.

Count the Ports

Apple only permits one device to be charged at a time per outlet. However, that doesn't imply that's how they all are. On a given charger adapter, several third-party chargers provide multiple ports. Purchase a power adapter including at least two connections; some have up to four ports if you frequently charge multiple devices at once. You could even get a combination of USB-C and USB-A based on your demands.

To Fold or Not to Fold Prongs

One decision needs to be made after determining how many connections and how much power you require: Would you like the prongs to bend or not? Apple's 20W adapter and other things don't have the foldable prongs that other third-party adapters do to safeguard the charger and other goods if you throw the adapter in a backpack.

The Best USB-C iPhone Chargers

The iPhone USB-C adapters listed below have been some of our favourites. You don't need to invest a lot of money to improve your charging expertise, but if you're concerned that upcoming products will be more power-hungry than present ones, pay heed to the power requirements.

Anker 511 Nano Charger

Sometimes you need a phone charger that won't be taking up much room in your pocket or purse. Similar in dimensions to the old 5W adapters that Apple seems to include with the iPhone, the reasonably priced and thin Anker Nano converter provides an astonishing 20W power. That will be enough to recharge the newest.

Belkin USB-C 60W PD GaN Wall Charger

Choose the Belkin 60W brick if you want a charger adaptor that is almost future-proof. Existing iPhone and future generations could receive the fastest charging speeds from this Belkin USB-C 60W PD GaN Charger Adapter. As an added plus, you could do this with certain USB-C laptops &''' keep your large power bank at rest thanks to its additional power. This adaptability comes at a premium price, though it's good enough to justify the extra money.


The finest USB-C power converter must be purchased if you want your iOS device to work properly. This post has covered the finest USB-C power adapters available on the market and how to purchase them. Investing in a reliable charger is important and secure for your smartphone.

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