A Comprehensive Guide About: How to Adjust Your iPhone's Camera Settings?

Bethany Walsh

Jun 27, 2022


Never used iPhone before? Want to know how to adjust your iPhone's camera settings? The methods for understanding the characteristics performed by the iPhone camera's features and how to modify them to enhance your images are discussed in this article. Grid and Keep Regular Photo for HDR are two features you'll discover under Settings >''' Camera. You'll also find more well-known characteristics in the camera system, including Live Photos, Picture timers, HDR, Portrait, Focus, and Exposure.

Capture Movement with the Live Photo

How many of you have desired that there was a little movement in your photographs? A Live Photo, on the other hand, does just that. Just like a regular photo, a live photo is taken, but the time during the photo is chosen and taken is also recorded. The image plays like a brief video when you touch and press on it. Open the Camera app, then touch on the rounded symbol at the highest point of the display to enable Live Photos. When the icon becomes yellow, you'll know it's on. Snap your picture as normal after that. If you tap the icon once more, the feature will be turned off, and the background colour will change to white with a slash across it.

You could alter the so-called Key Photo if, for the same reason, you don't like it (whether it's blurry or someone is winking). Pick Edit and a chronology with the perfect picture to utilize as the Key Picture would display at the bottom.

Avoid Camera Shake Using the Camera Timer

It seems you're shifting the lens a little bit when you push the shutter to snap the image if you notice that most pictures are a tiny bit fuzzy. Try using the iPhone Camera timer to correct it. When you click on the countdown icon at the upper edge of the Camera application, a menu will appear with the option to postpone the picture for three, five, or ten seconds. Click the shutter, choose the delay's duration, and then remain motionless. Voila! That's how simple it is.

Compose Shots More Easily Using the Grid Option

A well-composed image seems to be over half of the battle, and the iPhone features built-in grid markings to assist you. You won't have to guess because the grid markings on the iPhone Camera would display how your image is split into nine identical squares. This is useful if you want to align a picture with the sky, place the object in the middle of the frame, or use the rule of three. Go to Settings >''' Camera, then activate the Grid switch to enable the capability.

Achieve Blurred Background Using the Portrait Mode

Try utilizing Landscape orientation if you would like to focus more on the subject of your photo while blurring the background. When the object of the picture is in sight, but the surroundings are fuzzy, it produces a similar look to those of DSLR cameras. In the Camera application, you could toggle between Portrait and Video modes just like you can between Slow Motion and Video. Move the lever at the bottom side till the Landscape mode appears. Once your camera is in Portrait shots, apply the on-screen instructions that tell you whether you want to add additional light to the photo, move closer or farther away from the object, or both.

Capture Unique Shots Using the Burst Mode

Who doesn't enjoy a good, unposed picture? A beautiful moment that appears to have been captured haphazardly? However, you are concerned about missing that instant if you cannot press the camera's shutters at precisely the appropriate time. Your Photos application would display each burst as a single photo bearing the Burst symbol. Tap Select to view all of the images in the blast, then browse into them, choose your favourites and thus save these as separate images.

Take Sharper Photos Using the Focus Option

Even though most users use the Camera app's autofocus option, there could be times when it fails to focus where you would like it to. In those circumstances, tapping on the screen would cause the lens to refocus on the region you selected. Additionally, you can fix the focusing so that it doesn't change while you slide the smartphone around and set up the shot. Press and hold the desired location for the camera to concentrate on rather than tapping. You'll notice a yellow box with the words "AE/AF Lock" when it's set.

Make Photos Brighter or Darker With the Exposure Feature

You can modify and set your photographs' exposition, or luminance, similarly to how you may modify and lock the focus on a camera. To make the picture brighter or darker, click somewhere on the screen and drag the sunlight icon increasing or decreasing. The exposure could also be locked by pressing and holding.


Some methods for modifying the iPhone camera's settings include HDR: Shoot in challenging lighting circumstances. You may have noticed the HDR flag before when using your camera app and pondered what it is doing and when and how to utilize it. Live picture: iPhone motion recording. Use a camera time limit to reduce camera shake Grid: Make it simpler to compose photographs, and Panorama: Get the bokeh effect.

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