Why and How to Use a Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch With an iPhone?

Bethany Walsh

Jun 27, 2022


Although Apple and Android aren't technically great buddies, a few years back, Samsung and Apple put their legal disputes aside and started cooperating—on occasion. Samsung recently started to provide an iPhone application for some of its Gear S3 watches. The Gear watches are renowned for their aesthetic appeal and usefulness, whether the more robust Frontier or the opulent Classic S3. Some critics claim that the iWatch lacks many capabilities compared to the Samsung Gear S3.

But how would Samsung perform in developing an application for a business known for being very protective of its most lucrative item? Well, there occasionally appears to be an actual disconnection. The iPhone and the S3 Gear seem to be neither particularly inexpensive, so if you've bought both, making the most of them is crucial. We'll demonstrate how to get the most from this unusual pairing. If you don’t know how to use a Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch with an iPhone here is the guide.

Preparing Your Gear

Preparing your Gear watch would be the first item you must do. Turn that on and wait for it to boot up if it is completely new. You will have to repair it if you already utilized it with an Android mobile to get it ready for a new smartphone. Choose Gear info from the Settings application to do this. Select Factory reset after selecting Reset Gear. Verify that you wish to move forward, and then let the wristwatch handle the rest. The gadget would restart when the procedure is finished, and you may proceed to pair.

Connecting a Gear watch to iPhone

It would be best if you now used Bluetooth to connect your iPhone and Gear smartwatch. If you're linking a Gear S2 / Gear S3, begin by installing the Gear S application. Start by installing the Gear Fit software if you're linking a Gear Fit2. Launch the app when downloaded on your iPhone and permit it to look for your Gear. Click the Start button when it is located. When prompted, verify that the passcodes on your iPhone and Gear monitor match by tapping on both gadgets.

To allow access to your iPhone's GPS, calendar, and photographs, tap the Allow option in the Gear application. By checking the boxes next to the S Health privacy statement and end customer licence agreement, you agree to their terms. Then click Done. Your gadgets are now connected.

Setting up S Health

On the information screen in the Gear app, click the Open S Health option to begin using S Health. You may log in if you possess an S Health profile from an earlier Galaxy gadget. If not, select Create a free account and proceed with the registration process. S Health will monitor your sleep after logging in and recording your steps. On your Gear, you could utilize the S Health application to monitor exercises like endurance sports, monitor your pulse rate, and log your coffee and water intake. Unfortunately, Apple's own Health app will not be able to use this data once it has been synchronized to your iPhone.

Installing applications and wristwatch face The built-in apps and attractive watch faces that come with Samsung's Gear smartwatches are fantastic. But if you can't personalize a wristwatch to your preferences? Click the Settings option in the Gear application, then click Samsung Galaxy Applications to download new content.

To view applications and wristwatch faces separately or explore the experienced surge within the store, press the menus located in the upper right. If you have utilized your Gear with another device, you could automatically click My applications to find any updated materials. Hit the download option, select Accept, and then click Install after discovering an application or wristwatch face you wish to install. Once the installation is complete and the software has been loaded on your smartphone, a status indicator there at the bottom side of the Gear application will let you understand.


You can couple a Samsung S3 smartwatch and an iPhone by switching Bluetooth, selecting Link to Gear, and then pairing the gadgets. After that, agree with the conditions and regulations, and leave the Bluetooth and Application active. You could now feel proud of your attractive watch and wildly successful iPhone. At all times, Samsung is only a passenger, with Apple controlling the agenda. Even while it's not truly Samsung's fault, it's acceptable if you still have some hatred. Only a very small number of other vendors have already approached this level of compatibility.

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