An Overview of How Intel Integrated Graphics Leveled Up While You Weren’t Looking

Bethany Walsh

Jun 27, 2022

Graphics processing unit from Intel. These phrases are associated with disaster for PC gamers expecting to run even the most basic 3D videogames on a computer or laptop. AMD Radeon and Nvidia GeForce video cards were formerly required to run modern games. Now, things have changed. Raja Koduri, AMD’s principal graphics architect, was notably recruited by Intel in 2018 from AMD. Crew Blue’s much-awaited enthusiast video card is still baking as Intel mobile CPUs come featuring Intel Iris Xe special effects, an overlooked update. In the eyes of gamers, AMD and Nvidia still have the upper hand. You will be surprised to know How Intel integrated graphics leveled up while you weren’t looking? Intel’s Iris Xe seems to be the best option if you are on a tight budget.

Gaming-Friendly Intel Iris Xe

Iris Xe graphics sometimes referred to as Intel Xe, may be found in a variety of 11th-generation Intel Core quad-core CPUs. ThinkPad X1 generation, Dell XPS 13, &'' Samsung Galaxy Book Pro are just a few of the thinnest and lightest laptops and 2-in-1 computers that run on these processors.

No hyperbole is needed when stating that Intel Xe provides one of the biggest generation-on-generation performance improvements in the previous decade when contrasted to the firm’s earlier UHD 620 graphics cards. In 3DMark’s Flame Strike test, the Intel UHD 620 seldom fell below a score of 1,000. An incredible four-fold increase is possible with Intel Iris Xe.

During the first part of this year, I had the opportunity to test several 11th-generation Intel Core laptops. It was only in 2020 that I was able to continue playing PC videogames on a computer/laptop with Intel-embedded graphics. Older titles may be playable, while newer ones may never launch. This annoyed me, particularly when I knew I’d be going on a business trip or vacation soon. My PC gaming career was put on hold when I was forced to use an Intel laptop.

In contrast, Intel Xe is a whole other matter. For games including Final Fantasy XIV, CoD: Warzone, &'' Civilization VI, I have utilized 11th-generation Intel Core computers with Xe graphics. However, Microsoft Flight Simulator supports only 720p resolution and low-resolution settings. At 1080p display and moderate to high-quality settings, prominent games such as Rocket League, CS- Go &'' League of Legends may easily reach 60 fps.

I am aware that this is inferior to a RipStonking RTX 3090 Ti that has been boosted to 4.9 million gig parsecs. It seems like you’ve nailed it down there. Consider that several laptops featuring Intel Xe graphics are rather little in size. Among the sub-3-pound notebooks to consider are the Dell 13-inch XPS, the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Mini, and Samsung’s Galaxy Book Professional. Thanks to Intel Xe, you don’t have to worry about losing progress in your favorite PC games when you toss either of these laptops in the suitcase. One year ago, this was not the case.

Choosing the Correct Laptop for Intel Xe Functionality Is Critical

Play PC games on the move with an Intel Xe laptop. Isn’t that how it works? Well, not quite. There are a variety of configurations for Intel Xe. Even while the firm’s performance has increased, its advertising remains a bewildering ball of jargon and trademarks.

Here we go, Intel UHD for 11th-generation processors, which isn’t Intel Xe. With Intel’s 11th-generation Core i3 CPUs, you’ll get this. It uses the same technology as Intel Xe, although it’s much less powerful. It’s not recommended for gamers. Intel’s most costly mobile CPUs, like the Core i9-11900H, also provide this less remarkable alternative. The embedded graphics solution is irrelevant since Intel wants its fastest CPUs to be paired with separate graphics from AMD or Nvidia.

That just leaves the Intel Xe-badged 11th-generation Core i5 &'' i7 quad-core CPUs. Intel Xe, on the other hand, comes in two flavors. The 11th-generation Core i5 has 80 execution units, whereas the 11th-generation Core i7 has 96. Generally speaking, Core i7 laptops benefit from having more execution units, although that isn’t always the case. Although the Galaxy Book Professional 360 has a more powerful Core i7 CPU and more Intel Xe execution machines, I saw little difference in test results or actual gaming efficiency when compared to the 14-inch Galaxy Book Pro. Due to their thinness, laptops are more susceptible to overheating.

What’s my recommendation? Don’t sweat the finer points; just get the most powerful model of Intel Xe you could manage to pay. This generation of Core i7 processors from Intel is faster and more costly than previous ones. The additional $200 to $300 expense of upgrading might not be good enough to justify the performance advantage that comes from having 16 additional execution components on the chip.

What Will Intel Xe Be Like in the Future?

It appears like Intel is making a huge bet on graphics, both integrated and discrete. Gamers were hoping for a faster release of the firm’s high-end discrete graphics technology, but that hasn’t happened yet. According to all indications, Intel is on track to release new products by the middle of 2022.

Anyone looking to buy an 11th-generation Intel Core laptop featuring Intel Xe should be comforted by this news. The short history of Team Blue may be a concern for some fans, but it looks that Intel is committed to its move into the graphics market. Driver upgrades for Intel Xe laptops would proceed for the foreseeable future. This is critical, given the majority of Windows laptop buyers want to keep their machines for at least four to five years.

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