Azio Retro Classic BT the Vintage Mechanical Keyboard

Martin Wilson

Jun 26, 2022

Azio Retro for $220. Be sure to go through our comprehensive list of evaluations of wireless keyboards to discover more great mobile and desktop solutions. There is no need to worry if the Retro Classic is a little too out of the ordinary for you since our roundup of wireless keyboards includes a wide variety of alternatives at various pricing points. The only significant issue we have with the Retro Classic, other than its high asking price, is that it does not come with programmable keys. These are some of its other primary characteristics:

The Fundamental Aspects

  • Windows and macOS compatibility
  • The communication options are Bluetooth and USB
  • Rechargeable, with a claimed time between charges ranging from one to two months
  • Buckling mechanical swing switches that are custom-made


The frame of the Elwood model is made of zinc alloy, and the surface is made of walnut wood. It should be no surprise that this design-driven product requires more than one variant. The Onyx, the Posh, and the Artisan are three alternative Retro Classic variants. Their frames are copper and chrome, and the wood surface is replaced with leather. I loved that the screws of the Retro Classic were visible and that it included vintage indication lights for the number lock, caps lock, scroll lock, and Windows key lock. The fact that the keyboard weighs a remarkable 3.5 pounds gives it the appearance and sensation of being very strong.


The Retro Classic connects wirelessly by Bluetooth or a USB-C connector, which may be used to charge the keyboard's 6,000mAh battery. It is compatible with computers running either Windows or Mac operating systems. Azio claims that its battery will last for about one month between charges. Still, users can extend this time to up to one year by reducing the brightness of the key backlighting or turning it off entirely (which you can do by tapping the Function key plus either the up or down arrows). Thanks to its deep, clicky keyboard strokes, natural materials and leather panelling. Toggle switches for Mac and PC compatibility as well as power are located on the rear panel of the Azio Retro Classic BT keyboard.

You can switch between PC and Mac modes using a control on the back of the keyboard. Additionally, Windows-specific keycaps, such as File Explorer and Mail, as well as Num Lock and Menu, can be swapped out for approximately a dozen keycaps designed specifically for use with a Mac, such as Exposé, Launchpad, Command, and Eject. The Retro Classic keyboard has no programmable keys, such as the capacity to connect to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously, even though I had no issue connecting the keyboard to both my Mac and PC desktops. After about five minutes of inactivity with a Bluetooth connection, the Retro Classic will fall into standby mode, which will result in the LED backlighting becoming less bright. The keyboard may be quickly and easily reconnected by tapping one of its keys.

Typing Feel

A person knowledgeable with mechanical keyboards may assume that the clicky and very tactile switches on the Retro Classic are of the Cherry MX Blue sort. This type of switch is preferred by click-happy typists more so than fast-twitch gamers. The reality, on the other hand, is far more nuanced. Because Azio needed the backlighting for each key to sit in the centre of the switch mechanism, the business sought the switch experts at Kaihl for a custom-made solution. Kiehl was able to meet Azio's requirements.

This is guaranteed to be a hit with typists who are dedicated to their craft. When you touch the space bar with the side of your thumb, you will hear a very satisfying "thunk." Your neighbours may dislike you while using the Retro Classic. Their frames are copper and chrome, and the wood surface is replaced with leather. The Azio Retro Classic is a tempting gift for committed typists who use either a PC or a Mac because of its charming retro look and clicky, profoundly pleasurable typing experience. However, this delight does not come cheap. We're disappointed that the keyboard doesn't have any customizable keys.

The Azio Retro Classic is not the most affordable mechanical keyboard that emulates a retro design we have come across, but it is undoubtedly one of the most eye-catching. Thanks to its deep, clicky keyboard strokes, natural materials and leather panelling. It generally leads to keys and a rechargeable battery.

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