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Martin Wilson

Jun 23, 2022

Over eighty-one percent of data breaches, according to Keeper Protection, are the result of inadequate password security. According to IBM's Cost of a Data Breach Report 2021, the average amount of money lost by a business as a result of a data breach is $4.24 million. Users using password managers can generate passwords that are difficult to crack and automatically log in to websites, so they do not need to remember their passwords.

In addition, many check the robustness of users' passwords, keep an eye out for any accounts that may have been compromised, and provide secure private surfing networks. We evaluated over a dozen different password managers. We selected the best one based on various criteria, including reputation, simplicity of use, extra security features, the quality of free plans, pricing, and more. Here are the top seven choices that we have.


We found that LastPass provided the most comprehensive collection of free features, making it possible for the vast majority of users to get what they need without incurring any costs. It is accessible on most browsers and nearly all smart devices, and its commercial editions provide additional capabilities that make it easier to share content with others.


  • Simple to operate
  • A free version that is packed with features
  • Authentication using many factors (MFA)


  • Outdated desktop apps
  • Can't auto-fill certain personal data kinds
  • the website that was compromised in 2015

Four engineers who were bored of encrypting and decrypting their password document every time they changed it came up with the idea for LastPass in 2008. It had expanded to seven million members by the time the SaaS business LogMeIn purchased it in 2015, and just thirty staff were keeping the service running.


The opportunity to reset passwords, we decided that Dashlane was the best choice for additional security features.


  • Simple synchronization across all of your devices
  • Built-in VPN
  • Dark web surveillance


  • The free plan has a maximum of 50 passwords
  • The free plan may only be used on one device at a time
  • Storage in the limited cloud

Dashlane, a firm located in France, introduced its password manager in 2009, and it has rapidly grown to become one of the most important competitors in the industry. It provides its users with powerful free and premium plans that come with extra security support at an additional cost.


Because it enables users to retrieve their passwords and login on to almost any browser, computer, or mobile device by using a picture of themselves, a fingerprint, or a PIN, we decided that LogMeOnce would be the greatest option for providing cross-platform compatibility.


  • Support for several platforms
  • Encrypted storage
  • Highly changeable and adaptable


  • It can be quite daunting for first-time users
  • The cost of add-ons may quickly add up.

Since its founding in 1986, LogMeOnce has been responsible for establishing various security, network management, customer relationship management, and security management organizations as well as products. Because its password manager supports several platforms, customers can easily retrieve their saved passwords and login information on any desktop or mobile device. As a result, this product is the best option for platforms that support multiple devices.


We found that Bitwarden's free plan has the same features as LastPass's free plan, in addition to unlimited devices and sharing, so we decided to go with it as our top choice for a free password manager.


  • The free version offers unlimited password storage and sync
  • Safe password generation software


  • There are a few problems with the Edge browser extension Limited support for Extra iOS fees for secure sharing

Bitwarden is a password manager that has been around since the company's founding in 2015. A year later, it launched its app for iOS and Android devices. It is the only open-source password manager we evaluated, providing an astonishing variety of capabilities in its free plan. As a result, it has the advantage over other password tools that perform similarly.


Because of its game-like layout, charming bear jokes, and humorous guide, our team selected RememBear as the best password manager for new users.


  • Enjoyable and simple to operate
  • Excellent free plan
  • A simple method for recovering the master password


  • Few available choices for imports
  • There are no sophisticated safety or encoding options
  • There is no strength tester for passwords

TunnelBear, the company that had previously developed the top product easy-to-use VPN service suitable for users with little or no technical expertise, began offering RememBear in 2017. Because of the company's dedication to playfulness and ease of use, it has entered the market for password management with RememBear, which is regarded as the premier option for users who are new to the concept of password managers and need just the fundamental features.

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