A Complete Guide to Logitech G903 Review

Bethany Walsh

Jun 19, 2022


Logitech made a wireless gaming mouse called the G900 Chaos Spectrum. Almost everyone agreed that it was the best Bluetooth mouse you could buy. This year, it's back with the G903 (Se), an almost identical remake whose main purpose is supporting. Even without a cord, it's still the best gaming mouse you can buy.

But, as with any ambidextrous mouse, this one is better for claw grippers. If you hold the mouse with your palm, your pinky and ring finger will drag along the pad. On the other hand, a good claw grip keeps those fingers up and out of the way. If there's no good reason to go ambidextrous, palm grippers should probably look for some more support.

Still, the G903 makes a good case. Like the G502, Logitech has packed this mouse with high-end features. In many ways, the Short- to medium-term is just the G502 that can be used with either hand and is wireless.


The Logitech G903 review is very similar to its predecessor in its appearance. The Logitech G900 no longer has any parts that are gunmetal grey. Instead, it is all black. It makes the mouse look more uniform, but we wish Logitech hadn't removed the soft-touch touch coating on the front edge of the device. It gave our ring finger a place to rest and gave the mouse more texture.

The biggest change is on the bottom of the Logitech G903, where a puck-shaped hole has been added. You can put a 10-gram weight here or a "PowerCore" module, which we'll discuss later.

The Logitech G903's body shape hasn't changed any other way, which isn't bad. The G903's soft curves and long body make it easy for our hands to fit on it. It also fits a wide range of hand sizes. Even though the mouse has no rubber or soft-touch surfaces, it never really managed to slip out of our palms.


Logitech's customizable side buttons are great for people who use their mice with their left hand or who like to use both sides. The left and right sides of the mouse have room for two buttons. In a right-handed configuration, the default setup has 2 options on the left and a flat cover on the right. But you can take off all that cover and snap-in buttons, covering the buttons on the left side, and it becomes a mouse for left-handed people. Or, if you love function keys, snap-in all 4 sides buttons! The software works well with buttons on the left, right, or both sides. If you don't like thumb icons, there's an option in the software that lets you turn them off completely.

The micro-USB port, used to charge, is on the front. The included cable has a weird-looking connector that is easy to connect in, and it locks in well enough that it won't fall out during intense gaming sessions. When the mouse isn't plugged in, you can use the USB extension dongle to connect the wireless receiver to the cable. Or, you can take out the small receiver and plug it into an Sd card port on your computer.

Bottom Line

Some people will be scared off by the shape, but the G903 is among the best wireless mice on the market because it has premium switches, a dual-mode cursor wheel, a lightweight body, and very low latency. It is also the better of the two Powerplay mice, which is not surprising since it costs $50 more than the G703.

This price is probably the other thing that will stop many people. At $150, it's one of the most costly mouses you can buy. It costs twice as much as a good wired gaming mouse. When you add in Powerplay, you're looking at spending $250. That's expensive. Like, double-black-diamond ski slope pricey. So, this is the true wireless gaming mouse and keyboard combo right now. Last year, Logitech's Lightspeed Wireless was ahead of the curve, and it still starts to feel like it is. Now that you can always charge your gadgets without a cord, there's almost no reason to keep them.

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