Guide to Know: Seagate Backup Plus Hub (8TB) Review

Martin Wilson

Jun 18, 2022


Seagate Backup Plus Hub (8TB) review. It is a device used to store large data up to 14 TB. It can be called intelligent USB, which works the same as general USB but has some advancements and more specifications than just USB. If you have a large amount of data to store and back up and need the biggest Hard drive, you should consider this one as this drive uses a power brick which is not portable, of course, but you get a Huge Capacity.

Design and Configuration

The Backup Plus Hub, which has a 3.5-inch hard disc and an AC converter, is large, weighing nearly three pounds, and measures roughly 4.75 by 7.75 by 1 inch. It won't fit in your pocket; that much is certain. Yes, a backpack, maybe a briefcase.

Due to the presence of two fully working USB Type-A ports in the front, this specific Backup Plus model contains the word "Hub" in its name. Seagate is correct in thinking that you should use the additional power if you have a big item at your desk that needs a power connection. Anything, including different storage devices, may be plugged into the USB port. The AC adapter connector and even one Micro-B USB port are located on the rear of the enclosure. In there is a Type-A - Micro-B cable. If Seagate's Toolkit utility/backup software weren’t included, it wouldn't be a Backup Plus. It offers folder synchronization and pure backup, is aesthetically pleasing, and runs along with both PC &'' macOS. It will still work if neither macOS Time Machine nor Windows File Backup is of interest to you.


When backing up my stuff from other discs, I often receive between 30 and 70 MBs per second. It does have a light indication. However, it just serves to indicate if it is on or off. The Drive takes around 5-8 seconds to complete when first put in, but don't worry, that is normal. It also needs around 10 seconds to completely turn down after being disconnected from your P, C so that you may move it about without risk. The hub's two USB connections are excellent for charging gadgets, and the low noise level makes it quiet.

Hardware Requirements

Computers and laptops having USB 3.0 &'' USB 2.0 connections may be used to connect to Backup Plus Hub. However, when attached to either a USB 3.0 connection, transfer speeds of up to 5Gb/s are possible. The server's performance can only go as fast as USB 2.0 when connected to a PC.

Difference Between WD &'' Seagate Backup Hub Drive

As our data storage space requirement grows, external hard drives have become an essential component of our computer systems. We may purchase high-quality external drives from manufacturers like Western Digital &'' Seagate to keep our belongings safely and securely.

The biggest difference between Seagate Backup Plus and WD My Book is that they have different specs, storage capacity, model kinds, security features, USB ports, and subscription options. Devices from both manufacturers come in various sizes and functions, giving each advantage over the other.

The plug-in desktop storage product is called WD My Book. This external drive offers a variety of capacities and includes a USB C connector and power adapter. Large numbers of images, games, films, papers, and other crucial material that can take up space on your computer can be stored there efficiently.

A plug-in external hard disc with two variations is Separate Backup Plus from Seagate. It can be charged with a USB 5V connection and works with Windows and Mac computers. Additionally, they can efficiently store all the data above to clear up space on your smartphone and guarantee lag-free operation.

Packaging &'' Looks

The Seagate drive gets securely packaged, and the retail packaging doesn't stand out in any unusual ways. There has not been a single word about the drive that is inside, even though it contains information about the drive's compatibility with both Mac and Windows and a sticker informing the buyer about the 12-week Adobe Creative Cloud Camera Plan that is free with the drive (I believe that now the old 200 GB OneDrive in a year deal was better again for the public at large).

Although it is attractive and constructed of glossy black plastic, this external drive cannot be described as "portable" without ignoring its size and weight. Even if you put fans on the drive, they won't do much to adequately cool it down since the design includes venting openings on the sides and rear. The power adapter included in the retail package has a maximum output of 36 W, which should be sufficient to power the drive and two USB devices connected to the front USB 3.0 ports.

Special Features &'' Defects in Seagate Backup Plus Hub

Using up to 14TB on a USB drive, you can store and retrieve material for years. This hub is a fantastic external hard drive both for Mac and Windows, and it has two USB 3.0 ports that may be used to recharge mobile devices &'' transfer information via USB cameras and flash drives. Install the included NTFS driver for Mac effortlessly between Windows and Mac.


  • Max 8TB of capacity
  • Best affordable price per memory
  • Handy &'' fully working USB ports
  • Faster than most external hard drives


  • Single drive with null RAID protection
  • Pricier than Seagate’s Expansion series

The Bottom Line

Although Seagate's Expansion series seems less expensive, I liked the Backup Plus Hub's USB ports. You get a storage server for your money with either device or, at minimum, with the Hub, you get improved advantages over 2.5-inch drives. You lose a little bit of portability. Midway through the assessment, Seagate told me that this drive would be upgraded in a few months. Then, we'll talk again.

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