A Basic Guide About How to Edit PDFs in Microsoft Word

Martin Wilson

Jun 11, 2022

Those who attempted to modify a PDF outside of Adobe Acrobat were condemned to hours of frustration back in the day. You may even have downloaded an app that you hoped would be able to help you do this Sisyphean endeavor. However, the year is 2022, and things have altered significantly. Microsoft Word now makes it simple to make changes to a PDF file. But there is one small problem. How to edit PDFs in Microsoft Word? Here is a guide for you!

Working with a PDF with many photos might cause formatting issues. According to Microsoft, lines and page breaks may vary from those in the original PDF in the most typical format alterations. That's not a big deal and can be changed easily if the situation changes. For more information on editing a PDF file in Word, keep reading.

Step 1: Open Microsoft Word and Import A PDF File

You must first open a PDF file in Microsoft Word before you can begin editing it. A PDF file must be imported into Microsoft Word to start the process. Open Microsoft Word to do so. Then choose File >'' Open from the File menu in the upper-left corner of the screen.

A list of the papers you've recently opened will appear. To import a PDF file into Word, choose the File from the drop-down menu that appears after clicking the Browse button. Whether the File isn't showing up in a specific folder, check to see if the file type is set to "All Files" or "PDF Files" in the drop-down option.

Step 2: Converting the File

A dialogue window will display after you open the PDF file in Word by clicking on it. As Word converts and loads the document, the notice indicates that it will take a little longer than a regular document. You should be aware that the formatting from the source document will most likely be lost.

Page breaks, footnotes, tables, margins, and columns, as well as any accompanying track modifications or special formatting, are all included in this formatting category. You may also lose any unique font effects. That's because the original software program used to make the PDF file and Microsoft Word are not the same in how they work.

Microsoft says that PDF documents with tables, footnotes, graphs, and charts lose more of their formatting than PDF documents with just text. The loading time of such documents is also a little longer. Once the document has been loaded, it's essential to double-check its content and make any necessary formatting changes. You may see this example by opening the picture below in Microsoft Word, which retains all of its previous formattings. That's because this one has no special effects or distinctive text blocks.

Step 3: Edit Your PDF Document

PDF files may be edited after they have been opened. Add or delete material, and the document will automatically reformat itself as you do so. Other options include the addition of tables, additional visuals, or other effects that may be removed or added. Additionally, you may customize the page margins and size and change the page's overall size.

Step 4: Image Editing in PDFs

Word can also be used to insert photos into PDFs, and the process is straightforward. You may do various things with the photographs, such as cropping, resizing, repositioning, replacing the image, and more. It's also possible to alter the image's alt text. To alter the image's size and position or format, you must right-click on it. You have complete control over picture editing.

Step 5: Edit PDF Forms

Wondershare PDFelement will immediately recognize the interactive fields included in the PDF form thanks to the built-in features that allow it to modify PDF forms. Fill out the PDF forms by clicking "Highlight Fields." For example, you may modify the font and alignment of the text in a document. You may use a style sheet to make it easier to match the style of new text to the existing text in a PDF file. It's also possible to resize and rotate photos or extract them from a PDF document. Microsoft's PDF document writer could even change the scanned documents' text using OCR, unlike the abovementioned tool. Documents scanned into Microsoft Office are stored as images, which cannot be edited. The only drawback is that you'll be able to alter the paper most efficiently.

Step 6: Export Your PDF File

It's easy to save and export a PDF document after you've finished making changes to your document. File >'' Save As is all you need to accomplish this. Choose PDF in the Save as Type drop-down menu.


Over the last several years, Microsoft has been working diligently to update Word as part of its Office suite. Microsoft Word is available for a low yearly cost as part of an Office 365 subscription. You can also make a professional resume with Microsoft Word. Once you're done, it's a given that your resume should be saved in PDF format.

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