A Detailed Logitech G703 Review (2022)

Bethany Walsh

Jun 09, 2022

A more affordable alternative to Logitech's $150 G903, the G703 is the company's first mouse to enable the company's Powerplay mouse pad. However, at $100, it's not exactly a budget mouse. Extra features like a free-spinning wheel, programmable side buttons, and an ambidextrous design on the G903 aren't necessary for everyone, though. This post contains a detailed Logitech G703 review for you.


The Logitech G703 LIGHTSPEED is a wireless gaming mouse that resembles the Logitech G403 Gaming Mouse in terms of its sleek design and virtually similar appearance. Rubber grips on the sides of the mouse mix nicely with the rest of the mouse's matte appearance. Using the software, you may change the RGB lighting of the logo and also the scroll wheel. Even in a well-lit space, the illumination is evident. Video game aesthetics doesn't influence this design; thus, it should be OK for the workplace.


The Logitech G703 is a somewhat light mouse that is suited for FPS games, while it is not nearly as light as the Glorious Model O or the Razer Viper Ultimate. You may also make it heavier by attaching the accompanying 10g weight, which is held in place by a magnetic plastic cover on the bottom of the mouse. If you want to make the mouse lighter, you can take off the cover completely, saving you 3g.

Comfort of Use

You won't feel any weariness when using the Logitech G703. Designed for right-handed usage, it's somewhat tilted. Because the side buttons are high enough to avoid accidental activation yet near enough to be easily accessible, you won't mistakenly press them. In addition, they're large and straightforward to tell apart by touch. If you've got tiny hands and like to utilize a fingertip grip, this mouse may not be the best option.

Versatility in Wireless

The Logitech G703 could only connect wirelessly through the USB receiver since it lacks Bluetooth functionality. It can be used while charging since it includes a built-in rechargeable battery. When the RGB lighting is turned on, the battery is claimed to last for up to 35 hours, but when it is turned off, it may last for up to 60 hours.


A good quality braided cable is used. Even though it's pretty pliable, it doesn't retain any kinks. You may use any micro-USB cable with this connection, even if it seems proprietary. A receiver extension adapter enables you to move the receiver closer to your desktop computer if it is too far away from you. A connected connection rather than a wireless one sends data to and from the mouse.


G703 Hero, as suggested by its name, is a Logitech device with the Hero sensor. Optically-based sensors are among the most precise and efficient on the market. As a result, Logitech's wireless gaming mouse is noted for being light as a feather because of its sensor. The sensor may be adjusted from 100 to 25.6K DPI in 50-step increments. While most users prefer a DPI of 1200 or below, this mouse's wide range illustrates how precise it is.

Powerplay Compatibility

Logitech offers a solution for those who want a wireless accessory but don't want to worry about charging it. The G703 is compatible with Logitech Powerplay. It would be best if you had their Powerplay mouse mat to utilize this. Even though there is an added expense, the mouse's battery life will never run out. Although it isn't necessary, this mouse mat is a lovely addition. If you don't have it, you may merely use the provided cable to charge your mouse overnight.

Internal Storage

Using the G703, you may store up to three onboard profiles, which include settings like illumination, sensitivity, and button mappings. If you travel with your mouse or use it with various devices, the inbuilt memory might come in handy. When you don't have G Hub functioning, you may retain all your settings. It's a good alternative if you don't like the Logitech G Hub since you can easily store your settings and stop using them.

Wireless Connectivity

Logitech's low-latency Lightspeed wireless connection is available on the G703. A decent wired mouse may also be used with a dongle. This is a lightning-fast and dependable connection. You may also utilize the provided extender if you're experiencing interference or a lack of range. You may use the mouse across the room using the extension.


For first-person shooter games, the Logitech G703 is ideal. You can move about easily and quickly thanks to the device's wireless connectivity and lightweight. You may fine-tune the CPI setting and the polling rate, all of which contribute to the smoothness of your motions. A wide range of hands and grips may utilize it without experiencing tiredness.

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