A Complete LG Stylo 4 Review (2022)

Bethany Walsh

Jun 07, 2022

This new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 piqued your interest because of its large screen and stylus. What happened when you saw the $1000 price tag? So, what if we told you that a stylus-equipped phone is available for a fraction of the cost? While we understand that you're thinking, "There have to be some sacrifices," we believe you'll be surprised by how few there are. The LG Stylo 4 is here to meet you. This guide has a complete LG Stylo 4 Review for you.

It would not have Bluetooth enabled over its bundled pen, but LG's lower mid-range smartphone costs $300, or $250 if purchased via Amazon Prime, and it provides customers with some of the same features as higher-end devices like the Galaxy Note 9 but at a cheaper price point. As a result, the Stylo 4 is an unusual gadget in that respect, although this field is filled when it comes to pricing. Was LG able to make the Stylo 4 stand out from the crowd enough? Is it a one-trick pony, after all?


Stylo 4, LG's new mid-range phone, is rather elegant. The display's 18:9 aspect ratio and rounded edges offer the Stylo a more premium look and feel. You wouldn't be able to tell it was a $300 phone merely by looking at it face-up on a table. Despite its lesser weight, we don't mind that it may offer a sense of its price range when you take it up. In addition to its plastic covering, turning it over will also give you a clue about its condition. The metal sides of the LG Stylo 4 give it a premium look and feel in hand.

Because it is a stylus and it's not a digital pen, the accompanying stylus does not include a battery or any other electrical component. As a result, it is rather slender. The stylus can be found along the bottom edge of the device. A ball-point pen's ink cartridge may best be likened to this accessory's writing experience since it's so tiny. That said, despite its less-than-ideal ergonomics, it does the job. Of course, we'll get to it eventually.

Setup Process

The Stylo 4's setup is as easy as any other Android phone. You choose a language, sign in with your Google account, and accept the conditions of the license. If you don't already have an Amazon account, you'll be prompted to do so when you open the phone. It was a great touch that the model arrived preconfigured with the latest firmware upgrades, saving us the time and inconvenience of downloading them ourselves.

Display Quality

The full HD+ 2160 x 1080 LCD on the Stylo 4 is crisp and precise. An impressive 476 nits' brightness makes it ideal for viewing in low-light situations, making it a standout feature of the phone. Because of its remarkable scratch resistance, a screen protector isn't necessary unless you need to be extra cautious.

Note that this LCD does not have the deep blacks, fantastic brightness, and incredible contrast of higher-end AMOLED displays, which should be considered. The good news is that LCD screens provide better viewing angles, higher durability, and less burn-in than OLED ones. Although it isn't very eye-catching, it is in keeping with the rest of the design idea.


We could get roughly 9 hours of use out of the 3,800mAh battery before it ran out of charge. Ideally, it'll last the duration of a typical workday, plus some extra time. Charging from 0% to 100% takes roughly 1.5 hours.


For $300, the Stylo 4 is a steal for a stylus-equipped smartphone. You'll likely be able to get it for considerably less than that. Where you purchase significantly impacts the price you spend. Although newer inexpensive phones are available, the Stylo 4's high-quality stylus and screen make it worth the full MSRP.


You can't go wrong with this smartphone if you're willing to pay $250. If you're a T-Mobile customer, be selective about which model you choose; even without NFC or other apps, the Amazon Prime model is an excellent phone in its own right.

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