The Best Way to Open Microsoft Word Document in Pages on Mac

Bethany Walsh

Jun 05, 2022

It could be difficult to share your work with someone who uses Microsoft Word, even though this software is fantastic and provides all the tools you need to complete the task. If you produce documents on your Mac using Microsoft Word, you can save them and then access them in Pages, which is Apple's word processor. It is a useful tool if you cannot use the applications that Microsoft offers.

Every Mac comes preloaded with Apple's iWork applications, including Pages (a word processor), Numbers (a spreadsheet application), and Keynote (a presentation application) (presentations). In addition, these programs can import Microsoft Office documents. Here is how you can open documents created in Word in Pages, as well as how you can export documents created in Pages for use in Word. Fortunately, several different methods can quickly convert the files you have created in Pages into documents that can be opened in Word. Here are the steps:

Convert Apple Pages to Word Format on Your iOS Device

You may accomplish this using pretty much any device you have access to, as was described before. Now, please proceed as follows:

  • Launch the Pages application.
  • Launch the file you wish to convert on your computer.
  • Make sure you choose Export.
  • Click the Word format button.
  • Pick the method of document distribution that you like. Scroll down and then choose "Save to files" if you want to keep a copy.
  • Selecting a Pages Document on an iPhone.
  • The iPhone's Pages app may export a file.
  • Selecting the Format to Use When Exporting a Document from Pages on an iPhone.

Apple Pages Converted to Word Format on A Mac

Before beginning, you need to check that the Pages application is properly installed on your Mac, just as you would on an iPhone or iPad. Once it is taken care of, proceed with the next steps:

  • Launch the Pages application on your Mac.
  • Launch Pages and go to the document you want to convert.
  • Select "File" from the menu located at the very top.
  • Click the Export to button.
  • Choose Your Word.
  • If you want to, you may add a password.
  • You can also modify the Word format to make it compatible with earlier versions of Microsoft Word. This option is available to you. Select the desired format by clicking the button labeled Advanced Options.
  • Just go on to the next step.
  • If you wish to give your file a new name and choose a new location to store it, you have the option to do so.
  • Once you're done, click Export.

Convert Documents into Word Format in the Cloud Using iCloud

As mentioned before, various methods by which your papers in Pages may be modified. It is even possible to do so on your iCloud account. How to do it:

  • Visit and sign in using your Apple ID to get started.
  • Choose some Pages.
  • Look for the file you need. If you haven't already, you may upload it by dragging it onto the iCloud website, or you can click the Upload option on the menu at the very top of the page. It's the cloud that seems like it has an arrow pointing in the right direction.
  • Click the More button after you have successfully uploaded your work to iCloud. That's the button that looks like three dots, and it's in the lower right corner of your file.
  • Click. You may get a copy.
  • Select your Word.

After the conversion is complete, your file will begin to download to your device automatically in Word format. This process may take a few seconds.

Apple Pages to Microsoft Word Document Online

  • Always convert the file you have created in Apple Pages into a document in Microsoft Word format. Although there are a lot of online tools that can convert Pages to Word, the one we suggest is called Cloud Convert. If you produce documents on your Mac using Microsoft Word, you can save them and then access them in Pages, which is Apple's word processor. There is no steep learning curve, and the functionality is excellent. If you want to, you may add a password. This is how you should put it to use:
  • Go to in the browser on your computer.
  • Be careful to pick either convert Pages to Doc or convert Pages to Docx.
  • Click the Convert button.

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