How to Shop Best USB-C Power Adapters for the iPhone?

Bethany Walsh

Jun 04, 2022

If your tech drawer does not already have an abundance of adapters, the following are some fantastic options. By eliminating the power adapters from the packaging of new iPhones, Apple is trying to decrease the negative impact it has on the environment. Users who are new to iPhone or who have never used a USB-C cable before may find themselves in a state of uncertainty due to this.

There are a few advantages that come along with charging your smartphone via a USB-C cable. When utilizing USB-C adapters that supply 18W of power or more, the iPhone 8 and later models can use rapid charging capabilities. According to Apple, rapid charging should bring you 50 percent power in 30 minutes. However, this varies depending on the adapter and the overall battery condition in your iPhone.

AppleInsider has compiled a list of the ten most effective power adapters and charging solutions for a lifestyle centered on USB-C. If you utilize any of these adapters, you will experience quick charging; however, the optimal adapter will depend on the form factor and the use case.


Your iPhone 12 and other USB-C devices will benefit immensely from the Satechi 75W Dual Type-C PD Travel aCharger, and the best travel partner money can buy. The first USB-C connector can supply 60 watts of power for rapidly charging an iPad Pro or MacBook Pro, while the second USB-C port can give 18 watts of power for rapidly charging your iPhone.

This converter also has two USB-A ports, allowing you to charge up to four separate devices from a single port on the adapter. Because it connects to the wall outlet via a cable, the USB ports will be located in a more convenient position.


Those trying to charge their gadgets quickly while also saving space will benefit greatly from the RAVPower 30W 2-port fast charger. This low-cost charger has a maximum output of 30 watts and can recharge two devices simultaneously. The USB-C connection has a capacity of 18 watts.


Belkin has developed a USB-C GaN charger that can rapidly charge 18 watts to your iPhone 12 while simultaneously providing 60 watts of power to your MacBook Pro or iPad Pro. Because of the power of gallium nitrate charging, you get all of the power of a larger charger in a far more compact form.

When both of your devices are linked to this USB-C GaN charger simultaneously, it can provide up to 68 watts of power. It will intelligently transmit electricity to devices so that charging may take place securely and efficiently.


The little charging adaptor produced by Aukey is known as the Aukey Minima. It has the same footprint as the older Apple USB-A converter that provided 5W power, but it provides 18W of rapid charging through USB-C power. On the website of Amazon, this space-saving adapter can be purchased in either black or white for a price of $14.99 in each color.


The AmazonBasics 18W One-Port USB-C Wall Charger is about as straightforward as charging solutions. This charger meets the minimal minimum standards for rapidly charging an iPhone, and it comes with a limited guarantee that is only valid for one year. This USB-C adapter is pure white and has a little blue LED to show that it is supplying power. The plug may be folded into the design to provide a more portable and compact design overall. On the Amazon website, the AmazonBasics 18W adaptor can be purchased for the price of $16.99.

Anker Nano

The Anker Nano is a compact USB-C connector that delivers 20 watts of power and can provide rapid charging for an iPhone 12.

Anker Powerport III Duo

This 36W charger includes two USB-C connections for charging various devices. It can provide rapid charging for two iPhones, and if an Android smartphone is present in the home, it can also provide rapid charging for that device.


Check out the Hyper Juice 100W charger if you are looking for a wall converter that can simultaneously provide power to the electronic gadgets used by a full household. It can provide a rapid charge to four different devices at the same time, including MacBooks, iPads, iPhones, and other mobile devices. However, two of its four ports are USB-A, which means that if all your charging cords are USB-C, this wouldn't be your greatest option.

ZMI Power Turbo 65W

The ZMI power Turbo 65W packs a lot of power into a very compact design. It is incredibly tiny for the price, and yet it has the power to deal with a MacBook Pro.

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