How to Delete Your iPhone and iPad's History

Bethany Walsh

Jun 04, 2022

The iPhone is faster because of the A15 Bionic and the flawless interaction between software and hardware. Apple iPhones, however, are not indestructible and do not experience sudden slowdowns. The sluggishness is often caused by the iPhone's overheating, quick battery loss, and sluggishness because of the cluttered storage. As a result, what is the best strategy to restore order and recover your valuable Storage? Clearing the History on your iPhone is a good approach to eliminating unnecessary data. Here's how to get rid of the browsing history on your iPhone or iPad quickly and easily.

Methods for Erasing iPhone and iPad History (2022)

Despite the lack of a "Kill All" option on iOS, there are several ways to delete all of your recorded History to clear up Space. This tutorial has not addressed the papers and data linked with an app. You can learn about iPhone System Data in our in-depth guide on how to free up disc space by deleting iPhone System Data.

You can keep track of your saved History and remove it, whether to protect your privacy or save up storage space, in many iOS apps. It's possible to cope with applications that don't allow you to track your History and don't have a simple mechanism to remove it.

1. Clear Safari History on iPhone and iPad

You can browse regularly visited websites and log in to websites with ease, thanks to Safari's ability to preserve your browsing history. While this cool feature improves your browsing experience, it may quickly fill up your hard drive. The Safari history on your iPhone or iPad may need to be deleted if you're a privacy-conscious individual. Be aware that when you delete your device's Safari history, iOS also deletes History from other iCloud-enabled devices.

  • Go to Safari in the iPhone or iPad's Settings app.
  • Press the Clear History and Website Data button.
  • To complete the process, tap the Clear History and Data button on the window.

2. Delete Cookies on iPhone and iPad While Saving Safari History

What if you want to delete cookies yet maintain your browsing history in Safari? It's not a problem; iOS allows you to erase website data or clear the cache selectively. The objective of preserving website data is to allow websites to keep track of your activity and save your login credentials from speeding up your surfing experience.

  • Please look at the Safari settings app on your iPhone or iPad ->'' Safari ->'' Advanced ->'' Website Data and touch on it. In the upper right corner, select Edit. After that, you'll notice a big list of cookies that have been saved.
  • The red "-" icon to the left of a specific website data item can be deleted by pressing the Delete button.
  • All website data saved in Safari may be deleted by selecting Remove All Website Data and then clicking Remove Now to finalize the deletion process.

3. Clear Google Chrome cookies and History on iPhone and iPad

For a more tailored experience, Chrome stores your browser history cookies, site data, cached image files, saved passwords, and auto-fill information, much like Safari. On your iOS device, you may delete cookies and browsing history in Google Chrome to protect your privacy or free up some storage space.

  • The "..." icon in the lower-right corner of the screen ->'' History
  • Open Google Chrome on your iOS/iPadOS device.
  • Next, choose Clear Browsing Data ->'' Pick a time that's convenient for you. You may choose from various periods, such as the most recent hour, the most recent 24 hours, the most recent seven days, the most recent four weeks, or any other period you like. Saved Passwords and Auto-fill Data should be selected if you wish to clear all of Chrome's History. Then click Clear Browsing Data and confirm.

4. Clear Firefox's iPhone/iPad History

Mozilla Firefox may provide a fully tailored browsing experience since it keeps your browser history and data, including cookies, cached data, and saved logins. It allows you to delete all your browsing histories to guarantee that you have complete control over your saved info.

  • On iOS, tap the menu button (three horizontal lines) bottom-right to access the History section of Firefox.
  • Select the desired period, such as The Last Hour, Today, Today and Yesterday, or Everything to suit your needs. Now you're all set to clear recent History!

5. Clear iPhone and iPad Spotify Cache to Save Space

Spotify's cache and cookies are clearly shown. As a result, you know exactly how much space you'll be able to save up after clearing your browsing history. Please know that your downloads won't be affected if you are worried about it.

  • On your smartphone, go to Spotify ->'' Settings ->'' Storage ->'' Delete Cache ->'' Confirm.
  • Spotify app on your device.

6. Delete Snapchat History on iPhone to Recover Storage

Deleting your Snapchat history is also a cinch. You may remove this social networking app's cache and cookies to keep it clean. The fact that erasing your Snapchat history doesn't damage your backup doesn't hurt either. As a result, there's no need to stress over misplacing them.

  • Using your iPhone, open Snapchat and touch on your profile symbol in the upper left corner. Then, touch on the settings cog in the upper right corner of your screen.
  • In the Account Actions area, touch "Clear Cache" to clear the cache. To confirm, select Clear from the popup menu. The app will be restarted to implement the new settings.
  • Keep in mind that Snapchat also allows you to clear your search, scan, and voice scan histories.
  • Snapchat. As a result, if you desire a blank slate, you may choose to clean them all together.

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