10 Lesser-Known Apple Maps Features You Should Check Out

Martin Wilson

Jun 03, 2022

It's almost certain that we'd be adrift without our cellphones, which we use for everything from making and receiving phone calls to snapping photos and setting alarms. For many of us, the GPS feature on our smartphones is the only thing that keeps us from driving around in circles.

That's why Apple Maps on the iPhone are so important. But you don't have to leave the comfort of your home to enjoy this app's many benefits. These handy features will make running around town more pleasant, safe, and exciting. What you need to know is right here.

1. Tweak Your Driving Options

You can do several things to improve your iPhone's performance while driving if you have it connected to a CarPlay-capable vehicle. Maps and Driving &'' Navigation are found in the Settings app.

A compass or speed limit sign will be displayed while navigating so you can avoid toll roads and highways if you'd rather take the scenic path.

The ability to adjust the volume of the voice navigation is one of the handiest options here. This is the spot to raise it if you can't hear it above your music (or kids). Since I regularly scan the map, I'd rather not receive voice cues.

2. Don’t Interrupt That Podcast

Pause Spoken Audio is a toggle in your Settings app's Maps section, under Driving &'' Navigation. If this option is activated on your device, pause playback of podcasts and audiobooks when the iPhone's navigation voice speaks. When the playback resumes, some programs go back a few seconds later.

This option will be greyed out if the Navigation Voice Volume is set to No Voice or Low Volume. First, you may need to lower your voice volume to alter it.

3. Quickly Find Nearby Stuff

When you launch Maps for the first time, you'll notice a search bar at the bottom of the screen and a list of recent searches below it.

As if you were about to begin typing, you can tap the search bar, and the tab will rise. Food, Drinks, Shopping, Travel, Services, Fun, Health, and Transportation, are just a few categories available in a new top area.

A list of nearby hotspots and subcategories will appear when you tap on any of these. It's easy to see how several types of dining options exist in the food world.

Each subcategory brings back the map with popular local locations highlighted when clicked.

Just a few taps, and you'll be on your way to discovering new restaurants in your neighborhood or a new spot to eat in a new location.

4. Activate Extensions For Your Apps To Get The Most Out Of Them

Special extensions allow some apps to be integrated directly into Apple Maps. There is no need to switch between multiple apps while using ride-hailing or reservation services like Uber, OpenTable, or Yelp.

For a list of available extensions, open the Settings app, select Maps, and then scroll down.

5. Track The Weather With Apple Maps

Isn't Apple Maps just as useful as the pre-installed weather application on your phone? It's as simple as clicking on the weather indicator in the lower right-hand corner of a map and zooming in. This icon will also display the air quality index and current weather conditions.

If you want an hour-by-hour forecast, hold down the weather icon for a few seconds. What if you're looking for a more long-term forecast? The multi-day forecast in the Weather app can be accessed by tapping the hourly forecast.

6. Using Apple Maps To Make Payments With Apple Pay

If you're going to use Apple Pay, knowing ahead of time if the shop accepts it will save you time and frustration. Using Apple Maps is a good option for finding your way. Scroll down below the general company information after you've found your destination.

If Apple Pay isn't featured under the heading 'Useful to Know,' look in that section. If so, you're all set.

7. Use Of Apple Maps Regularly

Everything you need to get through the day is just a few taps away. All your favorite and recently visited locations are displayed for one-tap navigation when the app is opened on your device or in your car.

Apple Maps may be used indoors in some large structures. Give it a try next time you're in your favorite shopping center. Even specific stores within the shopping center can be found using this app's navigation features.

To find a nearby gas station, bar, grocery store, or restaurant using the Nearby feature is simple. With the help of the platform's map, you'll be able to easily locate what you need within a short distance of your position.

Your Apple Maps navigation software has so many fantastic capabilities that we've barely touched the surface. There are new and improved features for Apple Maps available online, so check out the website.

8. Make A List Of Important Places To Clean Up

To provide better maps and route information, your iPhone maintains notes of your most often visited locations.

When you open the maps app on a Thursday afternoon, it will show you directions to the gym. Apps such as Photos and Calendar also use it.

9. Try The Compass Mode

Your iPhone's default orientation is shown by a small blue arrow on the small blue dot that denotes your location.

You can center the map on yourself by tapping the location arrow once and then entering Compass mode, which spins the map to your current location.

The width of the blue wedge in front of your location dot indicates how convinced your iPhone is that it is heading in the right direction; a narrower wedge indicates a greater degree of certainty.

10. Flyover Mode Lets You Soar Like An Eagle

Flyover buttons may appear on information cards for big cities. You'll be taken to a 3D view of the city from a bird's eye perspective when you tap it. Swipe your finger over the touchscreen to fly and turn your phone around to gaze in any direction.

It takes a long for all those 3D images to load, so some of your vision may be missing or blocky for a few seconds. However, it's a very nice feature.

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