Apple Watch Series 7: Prices, Preorders, and The Best Deals

Bethany Walsh

Jun 02, 2022

Suppose you wait to place an order for your Series 7. In that case, it may be many weeks before you can put it on your wrist since, according to sources, there will probably be a restricted watch supply due to the current component crisis in the technology sector. However, this does not exclude the possibility of finding an excellent bargain.

Update as of 9 is Eastern Time: Several models are being delayed until November delivery via the Apple Store; thus, your best hope to have one delivered on October 15 is to purchase it from one of the other retailers listed above.

Apple Store

One advantage of shopping at the Apple Store online is the availability of personalization possibilities. You may choose the material for the casing, the color, and the band style, and you can even have a version branded with Nike or Hermès. If you buy anything from a third-party store or carrier, you won't have nearly as many options.


The Apple Watch Series 7 is available in several different iterations on Amazon. Prices are now at the full suggested retail price (MSRP), but Amazon will probably be one of the greatest sites to discover future deals on the Apple Watch Series 7. If you are prepared to wait a few months, you should be able to get a fantastic bargain on a Series 6 watch after they have been on sale for a while. The eyes often sell for discounts ranging from $50 to $100.


AT&''T will give up to $200 in bill credits to customers who wish to purchase two Apple Watches. This means the customer will get a credit that will be used on the customer's monthly payment. Nevertheless, there are a few prerequisites that need to be accomplished:

Best Buy

You may receive a gift card for the same amount or up to $200 more if you trade in an old watch that you purchased at Best Buy. You have until November 14, 2021, to take advantage of the trade-in deal.

In addition, if you buy an Apple Watch Series 7 from Best Buy, you'll get a free membership to Apple Fitness+ for six months. That is an increase of three months compared to what you get when you purchase from the Apple Store. A monthly AppleCare+ plan may be purchased for $3.99, and a two-year subscription can be purchased for $79.

The Sam's Club

When this article was written, the Apple Watch Series 7 was not yet available on the website for Sam's Club. This shop, which requires customers to sign up for membership, gives customers access to discounts off the standard price. For instance, you can get an Apple Watch from Sam's Club for $384 rather than the typical cost of $399. GPS + Cellular variants are available at Sam's Club; however, the website does not show any carriers. If you are interested in shopping at this location, check back later.


T-Mobile has a promotion available for the Apple Watch SE, but to take advantage of it, you will need to activate a new data line and sign up for a payment plan. The kind of watch you purchase will determine the overall bill credits you get over the subsequent 24 months, which may be anywhere from $111 to $131 in total. It would seem that the Series 7 watch is not eligible for this promotion.


Target is now offering many different models of the Apple Watch Series 7, and customers who have a Red Card may get a discount of 5 percent off their purchase ($20 off the model that costs $399).


A trade-in campaign is being offered by Verizon, in which customers may hand over their used watch in exchange for a bill credit of up to $200. The amount of credit you earn is based on the watch's current condition and value. In addition, if you purchase an Apple Watch and an iPhone via Verizon's promotion, you will get a free pair of Beats Studio Buds. When you add all three goods to your shopping basket, you will get an email confirmation and specific instructions on finishing the purchase.


Walmart offers the Aluminum Series 7 watch in two different configurations: with GPS or with GPS and Cellular. It would seem that they do not provide any special offers, but if the color you desire is unavailable anywhere else, you may try Walmart to see if they have it. Please be aware that if you purchase after clicking on one of the links in our articles, we may get a commission. For more information, please refer to our policy about affiliate links.

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