How to Recover Passwords with Keychain Access

Martin Wilson

Jun 02, 2022

Launch Keychain Access, and search for the account's name you'd like to locate the password for. Double-click on it, and an information window will open. Select your Show password option and you'll be asked to enter the password used by the user on the account. Enter the password and click Allow. The password will be displayed in the correct field.

What is Keychain Access?

Keychain passwords are a type or master password. If you add a new security code to the keychain according to the instructions you receive when you sign in to a new site by clicking on the link, you grant the Mac permission to keep and manage the password. When you next visit the website, the computer will enter the password automatically. This is done through an application known as Keychain Access.

In addition to saving time writing out security passwords, the keychain can be an extremely useful device for safeguarding your data. The fact that you don't have to keep track of your passwords means you can use more complicated, more secure passwords and avoid using the same password across multiple accounts. Keychain Access can be opened by clicking on Keychain Access by opening the Applications menu or pressing Spotlight (the magnifying glasses icon is always at the upper-right edge of your display) and then typing the keychain.

Your application will find your keychains list--groups of login information linked to keychain passwords. In the default view, you'll likely be able to see four keychains keys: The Login (most online accounts that are linked with this gadget) as well as the iCloud (accounts saved in the cloud that are accessible on different Apple devices), System (passwords, keys, and certificates for Wi-Fi networks you use) as well as System Roots (just certificate). You could also create a new keychain to keep a particular set of passwords in the keychain's password. If your Mac asks for the password for your keychain, which is common when you are changing or modifying passwords that you have saved, it is important to know the security password and how you can modify it.

How Do You Find Your Keychain Password?

The simplest solution is to ensure that your password used for the four keychains you have defaulted to will be identical to the user password you use to sign in to your Mac. In recent Mac updates, the keychain passwords have been tied with the username, and it's not feasible to alter one without affecting the other. If you've lost your password for the user, you must seek Apple support for advice on how to reset the password.

Change the Passwords on Customized Keychains

You are unable to alter the password for normal keychains, such as iCloud and login, while you are using Keychain Access. On the other hand, you are able to construct personalized keychains and come up with a unique password for each of them. Start Keychain Access by opening the Applications menu or Spotlight and entering the keychain. To make a keychain, go to the bar on the left-hand side of the screen and choose "New Keychain." You will be able to decide on a name for this new chain as well as its password.

The new keychain is open; it is possible to add keychain items - an address on the internet and an account username and password that you can log in to this site--by clicking the pencil and paper icons in the upper right. You are able to modify the password by right-clicking it in the left-hand menu and choosing the "Change password on Keychain" option from the context menu that appears.

Change the Password by Changing Your User Password

The most straightforward method to change your password for your keys is by changing your password for users; by default, they're identical. Your keychain password is changed every time your password for the user is changed. System Preferences, click Users and groups, choose your account, and then click Change Password. You will be asked to enter your existing password before selecting a new one. This is the new password you will need to be used the next time you access Keychain Access to view a password.

Reset Your Keychain Password If You Have Lost It

If you're unsure of the password for your keychain and it's different from your user account on your Mac, which could occur if altering one before Apple's updates prevented you from changing one but not the other, you'll need to reset the password. Start your Keychain Access app. Within the Menu Bar near the top, tap Keychain Access and select Preferences. A pop-up will be displayed. In this, select Reset my Default Keychain.

All passwords and usernames will be deleted; however, you should be able to access your keychain since your password has been changed to the account's password on your Mac. You may be required to sign out of your Mac and then log in again for the changes to be effective.

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