Master Your Windows with Moom and Zoom App

Martin Wilson

May 28, 2022

When we're working on computers, we often have more than one window open at once. With numerous desktops and a few keyboard keys, working with many windows on OS X may be unproductive, even though this can be done. You can Master your windows with Moom and Zoom App.


However, dealing with windows on OS X hasn't changed much. You may still move and resize windows by dragging a small region around the window's border. There are a few excellent programs out there that may make dealing with windows a lot simpler and more comfortable, such as Moom and Zooom/2.

With Zoom, moving and resizing windows is made much more straightforward. The pointer doesn't have to be in a small window's border anymore; instead, a modifier-key combination and a mouse movement are all required. For moving windows, few people use Control+Option and Control+Option+Command. These tasks may also be carried out in the background of other windows. When you use Zoom for only a few days, you'll be smitten with it.


When you know exactly how big or where you want your window to be, Moom makes more sense. Any window's green "zoom" button brings up a popover with a selection of pre-set window sizes and locations, and all are delineated on a miniature version of your Mac's screen. For example, the window may be resized to occupy the entire screen or the right or left half of the screen. When you choose an option, the window resizes and moves accordingly. This popover can even accept user-defined layouts, accessed via the "custom" menu.

Control Layouts

You don't have to use these layouts. Use the popover to "design" your preferred window size and location. Moom displays a live shadow preview of the following action on your actual screen; release the mouse button to execute the action.

Moom has you covered if you prefer to type instead. When you use a keyboard shortcut, you'll be sent to Moom's keyboard control panel, where you can rapidly choose between the default layouts and any custom layouts you've set up. Please make a choice, and Moom will apply it to your most recent open windows.

In addition to resizing and moving windows using the keyboard, you may also drag and resize windows by a fraction of an inch. You may also use the arrow keys rather than the cursor to design an impromptu arrangement.

Quickly Control Windows With Mouse Movements

Moom has five default window resizing layouts: full-screen, left half of the screen, right half, top half, and bottom half. When you drag the mouse cursor over through the zoom button, a list of these layouts will appear: left half, right half, top, the bottom half.

In addition, a few inches may be gained by clicking and dragging any of Moom's four half-screen buttons, and they will alter their look and offer you the choice to shift the windows on your Mac's display to the upper left and right and also the lower left and right quarters. Clicking the Revert button will return any Moom-sized window to its original placement and dimensions.

You can resize and rearrange windows using an inbuilt screen grid in Moom, in addition to the five basic window layouts that may be accessed through each window's zoom button. Consequently, the grid's segments may be easily enlarged and changed, and you can personalize the grid's design by altering the number of columns but also rows in Moom's Preferences menu by moving the mouse pointer over them.

Master Window Rearranging Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Moom's mouse-based capabilities are the fastest and most natural method to resize and move windows. Still, the keyboard mode is even quicker, giving you a few more choices in addition to performing all of the actions allowed in mouse mode.

To begin, in order to utilize the keyboard option, you must first configure the trigger keyboard control to work with a hotkey of your choosing. You may do this by going into the options menu. This is followed by a Moom "controller" appearing in the center of your Mac's display, enabling you to move the chosen window in four directions and zoom and resize it to the half screen as well as to the quarter screen, all by using just the arrow keys.

In addition, you may configure movement, resizing, as well as arranging combinations in the Keyboard Preferences tab by assigning various actions to keys like CMD, SHIFT, and ALT. This tab is located in the Settings menu. You may transfer the active window to another display, move it in increments of 1 or 50 pixels, reduce it, or grow it by using these three keys in different combinations with the arrows. You can also use these keys to change the size of the window.


It's easy to rearrange and resize your windows using the moom and zoom app without having to drag them around. Unfortunately, it's not as simple to locate as it is to use. Use it to move any program you have open, whether it's to the left or right side of your screen or a whole other display.

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