How to Block All Calls on Your iPhone Except Those from Your Contacts

Bethany Walsh

May 28, 2022

How to block all calls on your iPhone except those from your contacts? When it comes to unsolicited phone calls, the subject is very relevant nowadays. “Several months ago, we published a thorough guide to Android’s call filtering options. In order to ban incoming calls from outsiders on an iPhone running the newest version of iOS, we’ll go through how to do it. Make sure to check out the many new and helpful methods in this article on how to prevent unwanted incoming WhatsApp and Telegram voice calls as well as text messages from strangers. We gathered all of our iPhones, ran a lot of tests, and came up with this guide centered on our findings.

If Blacklisting Isn’t Enough, Whitelisting Pays off

Individual callers may be blocked on iOS devices like the iPhone. In other words, we’re accepting calls from everyone but a select few people on a “blacklist.” But what if you’re being attacked by a large group of strangers who have a different phone number? It won’t take long until you’re bored of getting calls from random numbers you’ve blocked and then getting a ring from another. As a result, it is necessary to use whitelisting, which entails excluding everyone except for a select set of people you wish to keep in touch with.

The Best Way to Silence Unwanted Phone Calls Is to Ban Unknown Callers

Apple’s iOS 13 launched this function, and it’s the finest one-tap way to ban all calls from phone numbers that are not stored in your address books, including nameless callers that appear on the iPhone’s touchscreen as “Without Caller ID” or “Anonymous.”

Open “Settings,” pick “Phone,” then scroll to the bottom to turn it on: That’s all it takes to exclude everyone except your contacts from your contacts list. But remember that you may miss a really essential call from someone whose phone number is not yet added to your address book. The following are a few pointers:

  • Remember to add key persons to your address book so that their calls are not refused or routed to your voicemail message; otherwise,
  • Once every day, inspect your Phone application’s “Recents” log for the “Missed” tab;
  • Take a look at your voicemail sometimes.

Use the Do Not Disturb feature

Until Apple introduced the mute unknown callers’ option, as discussed in the above paragraph, I had been utilizing my iPhone in the DND function exclusively. Do Not Disturb feature is an excellent feature! If you want, you may personalize it to your liking and have it do a great job of weeding out pointless phone calls.

The DND settings are all you require to perform if you would like to stop strangers from calling you. Here, you may tell your iPhone declines all calls save for contacts and even favorites. In addition, you may establish a different group within the contacts application – for example, “relatives” and “colleagues” and block off all calls save those from friends and colleagues.

Choose “Do Not Disturb” from the “Settings” menu.

  • To begin, turn on the function.
  • If you don’t want the filter to stop working if the smartphone is locked, you may pick “Always” and turn off the “Scheduled” option.
  • Choose “accept calls from Contacts” as your primary call-handling option.
  • Repeated Calls should be disabled since it allows persistent callers to get past the filter.

Done! Your iPhone will never longer receive calls from strangers!

Check Your Contacts for Unexpected Callers and Delete Them

In order to stop receiving unsolicited calls, removing persons from your contact list who you no longer want to see is sensible. Deleting a contact from your recent call list or contacts list is as simple as selecting it.

  • Click “Edit” in the top right corner;
  • Touch “Delete Contact” at the bottom of the page
  • Validate what you’ve done

Way to Block Unwanted Calls on Whatsapp

Regrettably, this popular messenger does not have the option to limit audio calls to just friends and acquaintances. You are limited to blocking certain users. In iOS, you don’t have to ban every WhatsApp contact if the number is already in your iPhone’s prohibited contacts list, as we previously said. Here’s how it all goes down:

Someone can’t call you through WhatsApp if you’ve banned them from other applications like Phone or Facebook messenger. Your iPhone will automatically reject such calls. But keep in mind that they’ll always be able to deliver you messages on WhatsApp. While blocking someone on WhatsApp won’t automatically move them to the “banned contacts” list in the native mobile application, they will always be able to ring you on your cell phone.

Moreover, the caller will hear extended beeps as if you didn’t respond when using this method, rather than having their WhatsApp voice calls refused. Do Not Disturb is the greatest option for blocking WhatsApp audio calls from unknown individuals on your phone.

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