How to Use App Library on iPhone?

Bethany Walsh

May 26, 2022

Keeping the track of all apps and managing the array of apps on your iPhone is challenging, but the App Library has made it easy. The App Library is one of the big changes that Apple introduced in iOS 14. Before it, you have folders, and multiple home screens but you don't have any feature to organize the ever-expanding collection of Homepages apps and you can't hide the app without uninstalling it. But, the App Library is an incredible feature that offers a new way to manage apps.

You must have been wondering about different questions in your mind like- what is an App Library? where is the App Library on iPhone or how can I access and use the App Library? No worries. In this article, you'll get detailed information that will answer all of your queries. Keep reading to know how it works.

What is App Library on iPhone?

The App Library is the tentpole feature announced in iOS 14 that organizes your iPhone apps. Moreover, this library is an amazing way to manage downloads, alphabetical app lists, and many more. The automatically generated app categories on the App Library have made it easier to access the apps such as Entertainment, Videos &'' photos and Utilities, etc.

How to access App Library on iPhone?

After knowing about the App Library, you must be known about its location or how to access it. It is present at the right of your last iPhone Home page. To find it, simply go to the Home Screen of your iPhone. Then, swipe to the left to your last pages of apps. After that, swipe to the left again to go to the App Library. There, you'll find the App Library on your screen with automatically created several folders.

How to use App Library on iPhone?

There are numerous ways to open an App Library. The App Library contains several categories of apps. Some of the app icons are large or regular-sized and some apps icon are of smaller size. You can tap on an individual app to open it or tap on four smaller icon columns and browse through the folder.

Furthermore, there is a search box on the top of the App Library screen where you can search any app by typing its name of it. In addition, if you want an alphabetical list of apps, just scroll down from the top of the app and you'll see the apps list.

To add an app to the App Library rather than the Home Screen, just hold the app for two seconds until the menu appears. Tap on Remove App and then tap on Add to Library. Similarly, you can add the app to the Home screen from the App library. Long press on the app icon until the menu appears. After that, tap on the Add to Home Screen.

Also, if you want the downloaded apps to appear in the App Library rather than on the Home screen of your iPhone. You can easily do it by going to settings, Home Screen, App library only, then switch on the Show in App Library option.

How to Hide apps from Home screen via App Library?

One of the incredible features of the App Library is that it allows the user to hide applications from Home Screen. This is a great way to banish unwanted apps from your phone without installing them. To hide the apps by App Library, go to the Home Screen, and tap the app icon which you want to hide until the context menu appears. Then, press the Remove App. After that, press on Move to App Library in a pop-up window. Now, the app is removed from your Home Screen but it is still on your iPhone in the App library.

How to Restore the app removed from Home Screen?

Here comes the important question. If you change your mind and you want to restore the removed app, you can recover it by going to App Library. You can find the app by browsing the folders or by using the search box. When it's found, tap on the app icon for two seconds until the menu appears. In the end, tap on Add to Home Screen. The application will be recovered to your Home Screen.

In the nutshell, the App Library is easy to use and logical in its approach. It acts as a drawer for all of your iPhone applications and can organize them. Therefore, it is one of the useful features of iOS 14. Feel free to share your views about this valuable feature via the comment section below. We'd love to know your thoughts.

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