6 Amazing GIF keyboards for iPhone to Rock your Conversations in 2022

Martin Wilson

May 25, 2022

GIF keyboards, a third-party keyboard where you can easily find animated GIFs and can share them with your favorite apps are quite fun. These keyboards are getting popular these days as lots of people use GIFS in communication to convey ideas &'' feelings in an entertaining way. Due to this popularity and rising number of users, plenty of amazing GIF keyboards are introduced for the iPhone to share looping animated-like GIFs through messages to anyone.

However, these GIF keyboards allow you to access dozens of animations &'' videos according to your mood &'' chat. In this article, we have listed 6 innovative and unique GIF keyboards for iPhone which can bring fun to your messages &'' conversation. Read on to pick the one you love!

1. Fleksy Keyboard

Fleksy is a full-featured &'' awesome keyboard with GIFs that is fully customizable. It is one of the fastest &'' best GIF keyboards for the iPhone that lets you search the web with services like YouTube. Fleksy gives access to hundreds of animated GIFs &'' stickers to the users so that they can express their emotions in an innovative way. Apart from fascinating GIFs, it provides other top-notch features.

Moreover, it possesses 50+ funky themes with three keyboards and supports 40+ languages. This keyboard is super convenient with a fast &'' intuitive design. Finding the GIF of your choice is too easy on it. You just have to go to the keyboard, click the search icon and find the amazing GIFS to make your chat more interesting.

2. Slash Keyboard

Slash Keyboard is a simple GIF keyboard with user-friendly features in which you can not only share GIFs rather you can share pictures, videos, music, simple text-based messages, and even links or information from Google or other search engines. It provides integration with social apps like Twitter, YouTube, and WhatsApp so you don't need to switch apps to share the GIFs and info. This is a fully customizable keyboard for iPhone to search trending GIFs and GIFs based on your interest &'' mood.

3. GIF Keyboard

Add twist &'' fun to your conversations with a GIF keyboard. GIF Keyboard is a great keyboard for iPhone where millions of GIFs are available to find and send just by typing keywords. The biggest perk of this keyboard is that it integrates with social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Twitter. Also, you can select the GIF and add a signature or caption to it before sending it. It has easy to use interface which can add tone to your communication by expressing your feelings and responses in form of GIFs.

4. Kika keyboard

If you want a colorful emoji GIF keyboard for iPhone, Kika Keyboard is perfect for you. It is one of the most loved GIF keyboards for iPhone with more than 20 million active users. With Kika Keyboard, you can not only send GIFs but can also share emojis, stickers, cool fonts, emoticons, and quirky faces. If you love to spark a conversation or want a creative discussion, Kika Keyboard is ideal for you. Furthermore, it offers all normal keyboard functions, ample keyboard themes, enhanced security, voice board feature, and many more. Download this pretty GIF keyboard for your iPhone and make your typing fun!

5. SwiftKey Keyboard

It is one of the oldest and pretty famous GIF keyboards for the iPhone that provides hassle-free typing with Al predictions. SwiftKey Keyboard has a huge collection of GIFs, emoticons, 80+ themes, and color options and supports more than 400 languages for typing process.

It has speedy and best predictive options that assist you to type faster and the efficient auto-correct function of this keyboard improves or corrects your spelling. Besides, it is an amazing custom keyboard app for iPhone with funky &'' latest GIF support, powerful prediction, and an emoji keyboard for hilarious &'' expressing emojis.

6. GIF Keyboard by Tenor

GIF Keyboard by Tenor is a handy tool for sharing and customizing GIFs. This wonderful keyboard offers thousands of videos and GIFs and possesses plenty of cool features such as speedy, shareable animations, and works as a supplementary app to compliment your current keyboard.

One of the main advantages of this keyboard is that it is quite fast than any other keyboard and can add the desired tone to your discussion. With this GIF Keyboard, you can express yourself with sweet GIFs, impressive memes, stickers, and emojis. So, make your texting fun with hundreds of thousands of GIFs and memes that perfectly fit your moment.

GIFs are really fun to use in chats with anyone. The above-mentioned 6 fantastic GIF keyboards for iPhone will not only let you type words but can allow you to share your emotions in the form of incredible GIFs, stickers, and emojis. Download your favorite GIF Keyboard on your iPhone and make your boring conversations interesting! Also, if you have any other wonderful GIF Keyboard to share, welcome to share via the comment section below!

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